Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

Physical Differences Between iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max - Ultimate Comparison
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison wow why has nobody mentioned this yet we just got a bunch of new iPhones but today we’re gonna be focusing on the brand new 14 pro Max and comparing to the 13 Pro Max and cover all of the differences that the early reviewers didn’t talk about such as the display differences and dimming the speaker differences graphics performance and throttling as well as the always-on display the new Dynamic Island and much more now what I’m really curious about is the new space black color that we have right here people have been kind of complaining online that it’s not dark enough and our 13 Pro Max is the graphite color so we are going to see how much of a difference it makes and first impressions in this lighting my goodness it looks almost identical evidence I don’t know what it looks like for you there let’s pull it out man online and some photos it looked a lot different uh okay right here it looks darker right here looks identical you know what I’m kind of disappointed now looking at the frame yes the space black one is a lot darker pretty much at every angle so that’s a positive the camera bump does look darker and the rings around the lenses are pure black so overall it is a darker aesthetic now one thing you probably notice is just how big that camera bump is it seems like it’s getting larger every year and people complained about the 13 wobbling a lot which it definitely did now the 14 let’s check this one out oh my goodness look at how much that moves right there that is crazy that’s because these things stick out a ton because of the new larger sensors that require larger lenses and the cameras are supposed to have gotten a lot better this year now we always do this comparison with the past two generations to see how much of an upgrade is it really so if you guys want to see that it’s super informative we cover all of the details make sure sure you guys click that subscribe button down below and with that I want to thank you guys for 1 million subscribers for all of your support uh for Vadim Angelica and I running this channel we greatly appreciate it it’s been an honor to finally receive this plaque and subscribe if you guys want to help us reach our new goal and continue to grow the power button has been moved down a little bit this year which is great for reachability and then I also notice that the 5G antenna is quite a bit larger this year so I’m really curious if they did put in a new 5G chip it looks like we are going to have to do a 5G speed test later in this video but on the other side it looks like the volume switches actually were raised a bit which is weird and the same thing with our mute switch with that you probably also noticed that we have no more Sim slots that’s because the four teams in the US are all esim and some people actually did not buy an iPhone 14 because of this they had to buy a 13 Pro because they carry it doesn’t support it so that’s a bummer now unfortunately Apple did not give us USB type c so we are still stuck with lighting but on the plus side you don’t actually have to use it with moft SNAP stand power set now I’ve been buying moth products for years we’ve been recommending them and this power bank has some really unique features first off it uses USB type-c and they put the port on the side which means you can plug it in while you’re using the stand and it charges both the battery and your phone while other devices wouldn’t allow you to do this now with that you can have it standing horizontally if you’re watching videos now this is designed for ultimate modularity so I could take my phone off and the stand separates as well so I could be charging my earpods while using the stand separately to watch videos and of course this is not only a stand it is by far my favorite wallet so holds three cards at the same time this set works great as a a bedside charger when you come home and when you’re ready to go out you can choose and have ultimate versatility than what you need if it’s just the wallet for today or if you want the extra power with the power bank and then pop on your wallet with that the battery has a strong magnetic hold but if you get moth’s snap case this thing has absolutely insane magnets personally I really love how Sleek this battery is and the fact that it has this vegan leather so it has a really nice look and feel to it go ahead.

Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro Max 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max - Ultimate Comparison
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

 iPhone 14 Pro  Max we already have the dynamic Island animation that looks super cool now the bezels did get slightly Slimmer but it’s not as big of a difference as I expected but that Notch switching over to the dynamic Island definitely looks cleaner and more minimal than having it stick out there now with that that speaker Grille it also is three times smaller it’s barely noticeable next to the frame there and let’s go ahead and check out that Dynamic Island and everything you could do of course the notch just gets in the way where now this is actually a legitimate feature let’s start this timer and then I’m going to close this Down Bam right there that Dynamic Island got larger I see the time at all times which is wonderful I can press and hold and then bam I have some controls right there let’s open up Apple music we’re playing this song and I’m gonna swipe up bam it just added that right in split it up to the pill and the cutout I’m gonna press and hold here I see the song have all my controls and then at the same time I could still access my timer it disappeared and now we’re playing the song and it’s crazy how fluid everything is the animations are top notch I mean uh top Island and pretty much everybody else agrees that this is just so cool taking a downside and making it a feature with that we also have some major display differences that people didn’t talk about 

Speaker Comparison 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max - Ultimate Comparison
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

 iPhone 14 Pro  Max I’m curious about the speakers do they get any better or worse because of the ultra slim earpiece speaker let’s go ahead and take a listen all right wow why has nobody mentioned this yet that was incredible not only is it louder dramatically louder everything sounds better I actually listened to it side by side going back and forth and thinking maybe they had to make the base worse to make the highs have a lot more clarity no it sounds better maybe the myths know the mid sound better and the highs they have a lot more clarity and it’s not just extra sharpness they actually sound softer than with a 13 Pro Max but with more clarity there’s none of that weird kind of like uh staticky high pitched in the highs in order to make them louder it’s incredible the whole Sound Stage sounds better sounds more dynamic between the different instruments I was not expecting this at all so you know what let me open up a super tough track this is a rock track with a ton of different instruments and vocals so let’s take a listen [Applause] now we never never let dang guys I don’t know how much of it you can hear through our mic through YouTube compression but the separation is a lot better there’s another guitar that you can hear which gets just mushed together with everything on the older iPhone the vocals stand out more uh the drums I mean this is a big big Improvement so if you like watching movies listening music on your phone that’s a nice upgrade getting back to the displays the first thing I noticed is that the 14 pro Max has a warmer display both a true tone on and with that the viewing angles are quite a bit better as well so it’s a whole new OLED panel maxing out the manual brightness on both they look very close maybe slightly brighter on the 14 pro Max.

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HDR Video Playback

Now going outside and enabling auto brightness for that 2000 Peak that Apple advertise we definitely saw it kick up and get much brighter than the 13 Pro Max the results were noticeable and that is going to be really nice when you’re outside in the sun it’s gonna really pop now coming inside again and checking out HDR Apple says can hit 1600 nits now instead of the 13 Pro Max’s previous 1200 so let’s go ahead and take a look right out of the gate I’m seeing a little bit more brightness with the 14 pro Max and a little bit more contrast and saturation now the difference isn’t huge you would think from 1200 to 1600 would be massive maybe some of these brights aren’t that bright that’s what’s required uh but overall you definitely do see it and combined with the outdoor brightness coming up there you go that’s popping a little bit more it definitely is a nice Improvement in the screen and that also leads us right into the other amazing feature that really stands out the new always on display with the 14 Pros as soon as you shut it off it dims down the color tones remain but it gets a lot dimmer instead of shutting off that is so nice and their implementation of this always on display is much better than the competition and now let’s get into performance one thing that nobody really talks about is the disc speed I’m gonna go ahead and run.

Storage Speed Test

This wow that is really fast now on the right speed the difference is only 13 with the same uh storages but the read is 70 percent faster and that is when this phone was uh without the storage filled up so that is a pretty dramatic difference and we also tested uh different capacities there’s no difference between 256 and 512 which is also great so you’re definitely getting faster storage as far as CPU performance the 14 Pros are the only ones that get the new a16 whereas the 14s get the processor that’s in the 13 pro and pro Max so looking at the actual specs here uh we have a slightly higher frequency but our Ram stayed the same let’s go ahead and run our CPU test and see how much faster it is maybe the ram being faster is going to make a difference all right we have our results and it’s okay we have 13 faster as far as single core and 12 faster as far as multi-core score now both these are scoring slightly less than what we’ve seen before but you know that’s an incremental upgrade of course it’s for an animator so probably we have some advantages as far as battery life.

Geekbench 5 Metal Graphics

I have another thing to show you guys that nobody has shown you yet none of the reviewers talked about this this is our 14 pro not the pro Max and I ran geekbench here as well and this is crazy we have a score of 4844 in terms of multi-core practically identical as the 13 Pro Max and the 13 Pro meaning if you are gonna buy this regular size 14 pro the performance is not much better at all and if you want the full performance you have to get the pro Max because apple is just giving it higher clock speeds because of its better cooling capability and larger chassis Apple didn’t mention it they should have reviewers didn’t mention it and here you go at maxc we’re showing this off and now let’s go ahead and check out the graphics performance with our compute Benchmark and here it is we have a difference of seven percent so even worse than on the CPU side I missed the days when we were having these 40 jumps these massive ones so this is barely any different now how did the regular 14 pro hold up man look at that the score is actually higher than the 14 pro Max so unlike the CPU Apple’s not capping the performance of the graphics they want to make sure that if you’re gaming you still get good performance so that is a positive but with that are we gonna have to be dealing with the screen dimming issues that we had with the 13s let’s go ahead and check it out.

Screen Dimming Test iPhone 14 Pro Max

I have antutu opened up right here and we got the phone set bright so we’re gonna go ahead and start running this is a test that really pushes the phones and it tests out the graphics performance and we definitely got dimming before of course in other regular games we got dimming and if you’re using mobile cellular data as well it was just very frustrating in the past oh right there you guys see the iPhone 13 dimming right away at the start right there at the end of the first test you guys see that the 14 pro is definitely brighter the tests are loading up faster because of that storage speed oh did you guys see that oh no Vadim do you saw that dim ah come on Apple put in new thermal graphite material and now okay the 13 just dimmed even more I mean this is a tough test but I did not expect the 14 pro to dim that fast I was hoping it with dim at all this is one of our biggest annoyances with the previous ones yeah and it looks like it has not been fixed at least here when it’s loading up the next test the 14 pro Max is definitely brighter but let’s see what keeps happening here in this next test I mean one thing I’m noticing is that the 14 pro Max is much smoother and we still have some drop frames it’s a tough test but this one maybe it’s slowing down because of the heat you guys see the brightness differences the 14 pro Max is definitely brighter right now I think what’s happening is that the 13 Pro Max keeps dimming more and more so while the 14 pro Max is staying a bit more consistent busting out the thermal camera I want to see the heat differences we definitely have a bigger hot spot on the 14 pro Max at 4142 degrees Celsius the 13 Pro Max also same temperatures just less spread which that is actually a good thing that the 14 pro Max has taken at heat and spreading it out instead of keeping it concentrated where it’s going to slow down the performance of the graphics and and caused the screen to dim more and here you see yes this does Dim when that is unfortunate it sucks it’s not fixed but it is a lot better so if you guys want to see a more in-depth gaming test have a team test out both with a variety of games for a longer period of time make sure you guys click that subscribe button down below and here are the scores overall we have a difference of 13 as far as a CPU we have a 15 difference so it’s actually bigger than we had in geekbench GPU has a five percent difference that’s a little bit smaller that might be because both of them did have to slow down uh their Graphics we had the screen dimming kicking in on both memory we have a big difference we showed that off previously and the ux the you the smoothness uh for your scrolling all that kind of stuff not much of a difference overall.

5G Speed Test

 so what we did find is that yes it does still dim it does suck that that it does but it’s not as big of an issue as we had previously and now let’s go ahead and test out out the 5G speeds I swapped out that space black one for my gold because I have the Sim enabled and then we’re going across two sims uh let’s open this up and see what we get now initially it looks like we’re getting a worse bar than the older 13 Pro Max here the results I ran these separately and it looks like as far as download we have slightly faster but as far as upload it is quite a bit slower almost half the speed now we are indoors in a concrete building with 5G enabled the pars are very low but the download speeds are very good now what I want to do is go into the settings and switch over to LTE instead of 5G on not everybody has 5G and let’s see what we get dang guys look at that we have 18.8 download and 2 for upload compared to 90 and almost eight so if you don’t have 5G and you’re in inside of a building the new iPhone 14 pro antenna and cellular chip does a way better job with the same amount of Lte bars and now let’s go ahead and head outside I tested them separately to make sure it’s fair and look we have a 125 download on the 13 Pro compared to 245. that’s a huge difference as far as the upload we have 30 compared to 46. now the upload is way better than it was inside but the download is actually slower which is quite odd so I just wonder if you’re inside and you have no signal maybe the antenna puts a boost you know use a lot more power but outside doesn’t need to and just optimizing for Speed so overall yes the 14 pro Max does have much faster cellular speeds.

Camera Comparison 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max - Ultimate Comparison
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Vs 13 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

now let’s talk about the cameras probably one of the biggest reasons why people are going to be upgrading on the front we finally have a camera that has autofocus so let’s see if there’s a difference I’m going to bring this closer than normal take a shot you guys go ahead and let me know what you think to me it definitely looks sharper with the new one I also see a difference in HDR we have a lot more pop in the highlights so that definitely looks nicer now with the rear cameras we have that 48 megapixel camera that will over sample to 12 megapixels so let me go outside and I’m going to take a couple shots I’ll also get one with a three times telephoto that hasn’t changed but I want to know how much of a difference does software make so here’s our first shot with the wide camera this is just out of the box shooting I want to see do we see any more detail and honestly I don’t really see it this one’s actually a little bit darker uh might have a little bit more compression noise here in the actual building let’s go over to the trees honestly I think the old shot looks better in this perfect kind of lighting scenario with a lot of HDR now I went into the settings to enable Pro raw because I want to test out the full 48 megapixel and it actually gives you the option to down sample those files but this is the full huge file right here let’s go ahead and zoom into this water tower and my goodness I mean look at that detailed difference we have this waxy kind of washed out mess compared to all of that detail right there yeah if you want the most detail if you’re gonna be cropping in you want to enable that now I also took a 15x and right in the gate you can’t tell that much of a difference but if we crop in it’s definitely better with the new processing on the 14 pro here’s a portrait shot with the new 2x crop mode from the main sensor compared to the full size shot it’s definitely nice to have that extra reach but not punch in too much where before you would have to crop in on the regular shot or get closer and take a shot like this that’s distorted now of course we also have video differences we have the ultra wide the low light light modes so we are going to be doing a detailed comparison where I’m going to test out the 14 pro Max 13 Pro Max in 12 Pro Max and show you all of the differences in photo and video so you guys can see for yourselves if it’s worth upgrading if you guys want to see that click that subscribe button above overall let us know are you happy with this new phone.


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