How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (2023) – (Quick Guide)


How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (2023) - (Quick Guide)
How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (2023) – (Quick Guide)

Hi friends today, we will see how you can run Facebook ads 2023 to increase traffic to your site. Say you have a site and you want more people to visit your site. You can do this easily by posting ads on Facebook. You will be able to post ads about your website on Facebook like this, and Facebook will automatically display your ad to people who might be interested in your site content. And if they click it, it will take it to your site. So in this way, you can get more traffic and customers to your business. You can also tell Facebook exactly the type of audience that you want to show your ad. For example, you can choose people from a particular age or gender or their interests and more so that you can really choose the audience that you want to pull.

Choose The Type of Facebook Ads

This is the site where we will make our ad. Now to make our ads on Facebook, we will take five steps. The first step is to choose the type of ad you want. So to choose it first, we need to go to our Facebook account. So to log in, let’s go to Here enter your account details and click Login and here, click Receive. After you enter, just click for now, select the type of ad that you want to run because I want to increase traffic to my site, I will choose traffic and click continue now, give a name for your ad I ‘I will enter Blog Traffic Ads Select Naturals and click next now you have to choose where you want to increase traffic. Because I want to increase traffic to my website, I will leave it as a website and scroll down.

Set Budget Of Your Facebook Ads

After you choose the type of ad, we can now continue to the second step, namely to determine the budget for our advertisements. Now to run advertisements, you need to pay some money to Facebook. And here you can determine how much money you want to spend on your ad. So to manage it, click here now, you can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. I will choose a daily budget and here, enter your budget. I will enter a daily budget $ 5. So now Facebook will charge $ 5 every day to show your advertisements to people. You can start with a minimum budget and after seeing the results, you can change it later.

Set The Audience

After you set a budget for your ad, we can step into step three, which is to choose an audience for our ad. No, by choosing an audience, you will be able to reach people who will be interested in your ad. So to choose the audience first, we need to choose the location of our audience. So just click here. And enter the location you want. I want my site to reach people so I will look for England and then choose it and here choose your audience age group. I will choose up to 30. Then you have to decide who will visit your site. Now say you have a site related to beauty products and have content related to beauty products, for women then you can choose women here. Because my site is about health and fitness. I will let everyone go. Next, you need to choose people who might be interested in your product. So let’s click Edit and click Browse then select Interest. Because my blog is about fitness. I will choose fitness and fitness, and here I will choose weight loss. So now our ad will be shown to people who are interested in weight loss. No, if you want to target a similar type of audience, just click here and here, you can find options related to your interests. Now I will choose diet food. Likewise, you can choose as many options as you want now, if you want to narrow your target audience, even more, you can use this option. Now using this option, you can prevent your ads from reaching certain types of audiences. So for example, if you don’t want to show your advertisements to people who already like your page, you can use this button to exclude those people from your target audience. Now, this option is useful, if you promote your brand and reach new people. Furthermore, if you want, you can also target people who are interested in other businesses like you. So let’s go to Facebook here looking for weight loss now, select pages and activate verified here and you will get all the official pages related to weight loss now, if you want to show your advertisements to people who are interested in pages This, just copy this name now back to the ad manager and paste here too, you can do this for whatever pages you want to target the audience. After you do this, scroll down and click here. Now here you need to choose what results you want from your ad. Because I want people to click on ads and visit my site, I will choose the display of the direction page and click the next. So now we have succeeded in choosing our audience.

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Design Your Facebook Ads

After you choose your audience, we can step into step four, which is to design your ad. So to design our ad, first you need to create a Facebook page for your website now, if you already have a Facebook page, you can choose it and start designing advertisements. So I will create a Facebook page. So to create a Facebook page, click Create a page here Enter the name for your page, I will enter the Pick Naturals Next, you must choose the category that matches your business. So let’s look for health and you can see us getting a choice related to health. I will choose a health and fitness website and finally, we need to add profile images to our page. So let’s click here now to select the photo you want, I will select this and click Open and the profile image will be added after you do this, just click produce your Facebook page and your page will be created.

Publish Your  Facebook Ads

Once you have created your page, we can start designing our ad. So to design our ad, just click here now, if you already have a post on your page, you can select this option And you can use any post for your page to run your ad. I want to design a new ad from scratch. So I’m going to select this. Now, just scroll down and we can start designing our ad. When designing your ad, you can use the ACCA method The ACCA stands for attractive connect convey and action These are four important rules. You need to keep that in mind while designing. So let’s see these types one by one. Okay. Now people usually scroll through Facebook quickly. So in order to make them stop and see our ad first, we need to attract the people with our ad. We can do that by showing an image which can attract people easily. So first let’s add an image or a video, which we want to advertise. Now to do that, Let’s click add media and select what you’re going to add. As I want to add an image, I’m going to select add image, then click, upload. Now select the image you want to add and click open And then click next Now here, you can see the preview of how your ad will look like. Once you have created an attractive visual, people are more likely to stop to see your ad Next. We need to connect only with the people who will be interested in your content. You can do that by explaining their needs in a positive way. So let’s enter the text. which you want to show here I’m going to enter my text Next you need to convey how your ad will be useful for them. So let’s enter that in our headline and description. So now we are providing holiday diet plans which will be useful for them. And finally, you need to provide a call to action for your ad. So here you need to enter your site’s address, where you want your audience to be taken, When they click on your ad. I’m going to enter the URL of my blog. So let’s go to our site and copy this address And then paste it here Now, click here and select the text you want to appear here I’m going to select this So make sure you always add a call to action on your ads So now we have designed our ad using the ad rules we had As you can see, we have a image which attracts and here we are connecting with the people, explaining the need, and then we provide a solution for their need. Now finally, we are providing an action, which will take them to your site. Once you have designed your ad we can go to the final step which is to publish your ad. So once you have made sure your ad is good You can go ahead and publish your ad So to publish your ad let’s click publish now choose a payment method and click next Here enter your card details and then click save and your card details will be saved. Now Facebook will automatically take the daily budget you have set from your safe payment method. And your ad will be published after being reviewed by Facebook. 

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Check The Result Of Your Facebook Ads

Now, if you see here our ad is in review. So now Facebook reviews your ad which usually takes less than an hour. And once your ad is reviewed, it will be posted on Facebook. And you can see this status as active like this So now we have successfully published our ad on Facebook, which means, our ad is now live on facebook So to see how our ad looks like, just click here and select share a link, then click copy Now open a new tab and paste it here And then press enter, Now if you scroll down, you can see that we have got our ad So this is how your ad will be shown to other people. And if someone clicks on our ad, it’ll take them to your blog post. like this Now, we have successfully created and published our ad on Facebook, but how do you know whether your ad is working successfully? So next, let’s see how you can check the results of our ad. So to check the results, just click close and here, you can see all the performance metrics of your ad. Now this is the number of people. To whom Facebook has shown your ad. And here you can see how many people have seen your ad. And the number of people who have clicked on your ad Now if these numbers are low You can try making changes to your ad, like increasing your budget or using a different image, which can attract more easily all by providing different offers. After doing this, you can run the ad again. You can repeat this process until you see better results for your ad. Also, if you don’t want to run your ad, you can disable it here anytime you want. Okay. No, as you can see here, Facebook charges money for each click. This means that when a person clicks on our ad, Facebook reduces some amount from our budget. When the budget limit is decreased, Facebook automatically stops your ad. So this is how you can see the results of your Facebook ads. Okay. 

Retarget Your Audience Using Facebook Pixels 

So let’s say someone comes to your website through your ads, but leaves your site without any conversion. How you want to retarget the same visitor and send them ads in the future. You can do that by creating a Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel helps you track the actions of visitors on your website and using these details You can retarget the same audience, which will boost your conversion rate. So next, let’s see how you can set up Facebook pixels. Now to set up pixels, We need to connect pixels with our site. So to connect it, let’s go back to the ads manager. Lets click here And select Events manager now select connect data sources here, select web And click Get started now select Facebook pixel and click connect Now here, just give a name and then click continue, Now to connect Facebook with our site, We need to install a plugin on our website. So to install the plugin, let’s go to our WordPress dashboard. Go to plugins And click add new Here search for Pixel FB Now, instead of using Facebook’s plugin, we’re going to use this plugin since it is smaller in size and works better. So to install it, just click install and click activate So now we have successfully installed the plugin. Once you’ve installed the plugin to connect your site with Facebook just click set up now enable this option and click Facebook connect. Now click continue and click ok Now click here, select your account and click apply and you can see, we have successfully connected our site with Facebook. Now, Facebook will be able to collect the data of the visitors on your site. So to test it, Let’s go back to the events manager, and then go to test events here. You need to enter your site’s address. So let’s go back here. copy this Then paste it here and click open website, as you can see, Facebook is receiving activity from our side. And here you can see the events on our site. No, if you want to know how many people have visited your page just click here and here you can see how many people have visited your page. So now we have the activity of the visitors who visit your site. Once you have set up Facebook pixel, next, we can start using the data in our ad to re-target our audience. So to do that, just click here and select the ads manager. And here, click edit now select the ad which we created then scroll down Here select website events then click publish And your ad will be published after review. So now our Facebook ad will be able to use this data to narrow down our audience even more. Similarly, you can run as many ads as you want, along with the data from your site, to reach your target audience. So that’s it guys. This is how you can run Facebook ads to get more traffic to your site Now, If you want to know how to run Facebook ads, to promote your products and grow your business online, just click the link below this video to checkout this complete course on Facebook ads on Udemy, where they will cover how to run different types of Facebook ads and how to create better content for promoting your e-commerce site.

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