Dobara Last Episode – Story Review Impactful 


Dobara Last Episode – Story Review Impactful 

Dobara Last Episode – Story Review Impactful 

The end of any drama reflects the type of message that the author wants to convey through the story. “Happy Ending” Dobara is very unexpected and may not be too convincing because most of us are not as good as mehru;) Yes, I have difficulty forgiving him and I’m not sure if he really deserves a woman like Mehru. But there must be a hidden meaning there which I believe to apply even for such situations and people like proficient. While watching this end, some of me felt “cheated” mainly because redemption is the last thing on my mind. To be honest, I listened to this last episode hoping to watch Advanced Losing and see how he went behind Mehru’s back and said everything about him. However, the last scene of this final concluded the true message of the drama that I felt most of us were “missed”. Mehru’s kindness is his biggest force throughout and in the end, this kindness is what changed his destiny at all. This show is never about Mehru who turns into an independent woman but it is a love story! That’s about Mehru’s victory in the end even though he was more than willing to let go and “lose”.

But I must say that in the last scene of Mehru and Advanced not to appear as a married couple; This scene can be executed in a better way. Last week, I called anything that was adept at doing damage that could not be repaired but in this last episode, Mehru proves that love can repair even people who are proficient. However, a proficient is a broken person who never receives love and may believe that he does not deserve to be loved.

Unexpected end

Dobara Last Episode – Story Review Impactful 
Dobara Last Episode – Story Review Impactful

Mehru’s meeting with Naheed is the interesting one of this episode. We have seen several strong women in the drama Pakistan for years but I don’t remember watching a protagonist like Mehru lately. His sincere kindness and affection for others never appeared as a weakness. That is always his strength because it comes naturally to him. Mehru has always been an empath who feels for other people and the only time when he puts his feelings on other people is when he is married to a professional. Naheed’s question about whether Mehru’s kindness is really original or not, is a question that has never been asked by viewers. I think that’s what makes this character successful even though there is a lot of time when Mehru is ‘disappointed’. But after watching this episode, I really understand the message the author wants to convey through this character. I accept the fact that my hopes from Mehru are completely different and the character itself is not intended to be “strong” in the way that we want. While we all waited for Mehru to take a stand for himself, the author showed that he had a completely different perspective. Hadiqa Kiyani is extraordinary like Mehru; She is very convincing as a woman who can feel the pain of others. He brought his character so well that even when Mehru’s actions were not in line with my hopes, I always liked to watch him on the screen.

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Madan and Nemeen songs throughout the last episode show that they are both confused about this decision. I am happy that the author does not show Nemeen as an individual who is truly heartless and selfish. Changes in advanced heart and dialogue about how much he loves Mehru that is hard to believe. The way he changed after 10 years was clearly more convincing because he was always looking for a mentor and he found one in Mehru. Minal’s conversation with identity might make him change his mind because no one has ever trusted proficient like the way Minal put his faith in him now. This character clearly came far and watched his journey healthy. Some previous episodes were not the best, it would be better if the track part was discussed in a different way. I find it difficult to imagine proficiency so I fall in love with Mehru and still move forward and do everything he does. For the longest time, proficient is the star of the show. Bilal Abbas Khan’s appearance without effort in all dramas made me laugh many times. I am glad he chose to play this character.

Last comment

Dobara has a decent ending and I feel that the last message of the drama is not the most surprising. However, overall, some dialogues and situations can be much better, especially in the last few episodes. The proficient way of changing feelings for Mehru is shown in the last two episodes, making it difficult for me to accept that he loves him in a way that he can never think of life without him. Throughout the drama, I found myself asking why the story was more about proficiency and not mehru. However, lately it must belong to Mehru because he keeps the dignity and love for the proficient to remain intact until the end. It was all shown in such a way that even someone like me who wanted to see Mehru doing something extreme, felt that it was good that he did not do that.


Dobara is not “perfect” but overall it is a good and meaningful script. Sarwat Nazir and Denmark Nawaz became a good team; However, I feel that production houses must stop pressing creative individuals to extend the project just because a particular drama gets attention and ranking. Each actor performs their respective roles very well so that people who choose this actor for this role deserve to get a special award. Supporting cast was as impressed as the actors who played the main role.


Thank you specifically to all extraordinary readers, who read reviews every week and share their views here. What do you think about this last episode?

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