Fraud Episode 4 Story Review – The Blind Trust Show

Fraud Episode 4 Story Review – The Blind Trust Show

Fraud Episode 4 Story Review – The Blind Trust Show
Fraud Episode 4 Story Review – The Blind Trust Show

Ohkay so, this is one of the interesting episodes of fraud. What makes it so gripping & interesting is the brilliant performance given by each of the single actors. In addition, it was also well directed because the director managed to capture every minute expression that tells the story of what will happen in cyberspace. This episode is also full of emotions of all types & that is what makes it very interesting to watch.

Blind confidence

Nisar has given everything he can to Maya, but what is unfortunate is that he has done it to ensure the lifelong happiness of his beloved daughter, but a little he knows that it will be charged a fee and his entire family of their peace for them the rest of their lives . While watching Nisar trusting Tabrez to naive & blind, I feel more for Maya. All I can think of is how Nisar gave an example in front of his daughter to blindly trust Tabrez. To be honest, I feel bad for Maya because this kind of transparency is taught to him by his own father; Where he loses beliefs & skepticism in handling Tabrez & his family. Maya saw how Nisar was really satisfied with her decision, to the point where she really taught her daughter that only because she was in rich law, it automatically made them trusted. The logic of Nisar behind finding a rich applicant had been disabled from the beginning but he took him to another level where he entrusted everything to Tabrez without thinking second.


I will say, so far I have not got a lot of things to form an opinion about Maya but seeing that it becomes a little analytical and skeptical throughout this episode makes me prefer his character. Although he was taught to give sacrifice by Nisar, who really made him make mistakes handing over his jewelry & examined to his new ‘family’, but somehow the anxiety he felt & some of the questions he asked did show that he felt a little uncomfortable. It is unfortunate because he saw the level of trust that Nisar had in Tabrez & his family, it made him follow his heart.

Tabrez, Jahan Ara & Khawar must have planned everything & the convenience that they continue to run their plans clearly show that they are quite experienced & know exactly what to say & how to achieve their goals. They started playing with Maya’s fear, then went down to lose business & then lost family members who made them leave immediately. This has all been planned beforehand & because the family they face is so naive & trusting them easily, it makes their work much more difficult. Starting from Nisar to his wife, to Maya; Each of them & everyone falls because of their lies easily so that fools & deceives them is not a big problem.


In this episode, the way they exhibit different emotions makes it a very strong episode. A father’s emotions, who do everything he can throughout his life to save money for his daughter. The emotions of a newly married girl who tried to understand everything that happened right before her eyes, distrust in her eyes that her life would be perfect, her efforts showed her to her husband that she was ready to give her all she had. The emotions of a younger sister who is too happy for his sister that he finally found a perfect husband. Also, in the end, the emotions of a broken heart nephew who could not not feel bitter because of what his uncle did & then not a few, all the negative emotions described by Tabrez & his family who were also a little also eager to complete this ‘project’ & moved to the next – everything is very brilliant.

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Phenomenal show

This is clearly a very pleasant episode of Fraud & Credit that must be given to Ahsan Khan, Ainy Zaidi & Saife Hassan for bringing it on their shoulders. Their subtle expressions, body language, and appearance that they exchange between each other are really interesting to watch. Saba Qamar acted very well & easily, he showed off all the thoughts that walked in Maya’s mind. Mehmood Aslam is once again brilliant like Nisar. I also enjoyed the scene of Rabya Kulsoom, the way he teased his sister & only showed how happy he was for him. At the stage of this drama, I understand the relevance of Nayel’s rough words but I really hope they will not be a repeated event in the upcoming episode. I don’t know why but I feel the loss of interest that suddenly when the scene began & he continued to speak against Nisar with his mother trying to stop him. Shaan & Family scenes can also be seen repeated if this is what they will talk about. I really hope we see the progress in the path of the shaan because if it will continue to happen, it also has the potential to attract the audience’s interest. So far, fraud will definitely be strong & has all the factors that make it a very attractive watch. Props to the director and all actors to do their parts brilliantly. Please share your thoughts about this episode of fraud.


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