Fraud Episode 6 Story Review – Phenomenal Performances

Fraud Episode 6 Story Review – Phenomenal Performances

Fraud Episode 6 Story Review – Phenomenal Performances
Fraud Episode 6 Story Review – Phenomenal Performances

Fraud Episode Ohkay so, the hand of this episode belongs to Saba Qamar. Although the scene where he defeated himself was displayed in a preview last week but saw all the buildup & then the entire sequence was stunning. All of this while I can’t stop thinking that Saba Qamar is one of the actors who never stops re -creating themselves. He has given one impressive performance one by one & always managed to leave a long -lasting sign but to see this level of performance is not just a treat but actually makes me proud of him. Saba Qamar once again proved his courage & showed that he was Saba Qamar who we all liked watching on the screen. Fraud Episode I have to praise the director for bringing the story forward in a brilliant way too. I really hope that the pace of fraud will not wobble & continue to be tense like at this stage. Apart from the fact that the story of fraud can be predicted & we can all predict what will happen – a good direction & better appearance makes fraud useful.

After that

Fraud Episode I have to say, all the buildups in this episode are very brilliant. Mehmood Aslam surprised me with his appearance as a helpless father who could not imagine how wrong he was & how he could not see outside the appearance of wealth made by Tabrez & his family. While staring at Nisar, people could see that he had a lump in his throat, dry lips, wet eyes & confusion. Another reason that makes this episode unforgettable. The way Nisar started laughing in disbelief was another masterstroke, not sure from whom it originally; Director or actor but whoever is responsible for issuing this kind of reaction from Nisar deserves applause. It only showed that at that time, Nisar finally made peace with reality & he knew he had lost everything literally, so this laughter was basically a cry of helplessness he felt at that time & there.

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In the background, everyone’s reaction; Whether it’s Maila, Shaiza, Nayel or even her mother, all of them are captured beautifully too. Even for a moment from them going to the sea but in reality through their expressions, they convey what is needed. That is clearly a wise step that not all of them have a lot of dialogue because in such a big situation, people usually cannot say -that is what the whole Maya family feels, which is shown brilliantly. Although I’m sure the drama will continue to be better but I doubt there will be another episode of fraud that will defeat this one.

Fraud EpisodeMaya continued to be patient, she tried to absorb what happened but the explosion was not only justified but showed the level of emotional chaos she experienced. Maya is someone who always controls his emotions, but seeing him hysterically only shows how destroyed he is. The words clearly describe everything Tabrez took from him, which made him helpless. I have to say Saba Qamar makes me cry in the scene & usually in the early stages of the drama, it is difficult to feel & develop a gentle angle for character but I doubt there will be spectators who should not be touched by this performance in particular. Actually realistic and also surprising that Maya did not stay deeper into the emotions, but she was once again calm & gathered. He experienced depression to some extent because it took time for his health, but still, he did not place himself and his family through it again. The writer must be deserved to get praise for not extending this virtual mental & emotional state & shows that immediately after the explosion, he was arranged.

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I will say that throughout the episode, I feel that Nisar might do something for himself, like he might give up on life because this will be too much of a burden to bear. However, I really hope that it doesn’t happen & the drama that develops in a convincing way does not go down the route. I really want the nisar to see the obscurity of Tabrez with Maya, so I hope he does not let this failure be better than him.

The Shean Scenes & Sampu Mother really don’t have many things to offer so far. When their conversation began, I was able to say what they were going to talk about. It is time for something to happen on the Shaan track too. Also, a trivial problem but so far they have not really clarified the names of the ex-wife of Shaan, whether it is Simra or Zimra & funny, in one of the scenes of the stepmother of Shaan called Sidra as well. Maybe the author should choose a name that is easy to follow by the actors.

Best show

However, once again, the entire episode belongs to Saba Qamar & then part of it is also for Mehmood Aslam. Each of them & everything they have shown, even nosy neighbors who come to get a few spoons are the depiction of reality. Props for the whole team to keep it real & full of emotions. Saba Qamar will definitely get more projects where he will impress the audience but when coming to this performance in fraud, it will definitely remain one of the best & best. I will definitely praise the director for bringing the drama forward so skillfully, I just hope it will not be dragged & continue to be revealed in a convincing way. Please share your thoughts about this episode of fraud.

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