Fraud Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Rejected

Fraud Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Rejected

Fraud Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Rejected
Fraud Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Rejected

Ohkay, so fraud will continue to be better & credit must be given to actors who have placed their hearts & souls into their appearance. It will not be wrong to say that the story of fraud can be predicted & as a spectator, I clearly know what will happen in the coming episode, but the method is executed, directed & done surely makes it one of such dramas that I am really waiting for every week. I also feel it is a wise step to broadcast dual episodes this week & I hope this continues in this way because the notes in which the first episode ends will definitely signify that there is another episode that is left that actually means fast progress in the story.

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The rejection

It is not wrong to say that Mehmood Aslam & Saba Qamar have brought this drama on their shoulders. So far, they have become the main character that has received the highest scope because of that their appearance has so far has an impact. However, I am happy that the side of the story of Tabrez/Sajih is also being opened & focus has now shifted to what is behind the scenes, how they planned this ‘project’ & also the tension between them. Each of them also gave a very strong and actually interesting performance to see their dynamics with sajih who were entitled to more than he got & Ara took credit to train it.


I don’t think there will be a spectator of fraud that does not sympathize with Maya. I really feel sorry for him because he has an unreasonable parent set that puts themselves above something else. Maya hasn’t even recovered from the betrayal of Tabrez but somehow, Nisar & Shehnaz thought it was a good idea to really get rid of Maya on behalf of honor & ‘Izzat’. They really thought to let Maya time recover & recover even not a choice & all they had to do was make him married so they could feel comfortable. It is unfortunate that even though I feel sad about what the whole family has passed & losing that they have handled, but apart from all that, Maya’s parents are only selfish because they don’t even admit what Maya wants & imposes their perspective- to keep it. It is very heartbreaking to hear Maya asking for space in her parents’ home where she can only be peaceful, locked up from the outside world but even it is difficult for Nisar. Initially, I also felt a lot for his parents, but seeing how stiff & did not enter their minds, I did not sympathize at all with them. The pressure of the people who forced themselves had gotten better than them & it was unfortunate that although Maya’s power & even Maila had been shown could not make them understand that ‘marriage’ would not solve their problems.

Maya did try her best to fight but seeing her surrender to the demands of Nisar & Shehnaz that made no sense was very sad. Looks like he really gave up because he knew he had no chance in front of his parents who were irrational. No matter how they say it, like wanting the best for Maya but the point is, he has suffered enough because of Nisar’s greed, therefore he must be left alone for at least some time. From forcing Maya to meet strangers & then encourage the idea of ​​her marriage to Nayel, it was also when she clearly said how burdened by the idea of ​​marrying Nayel.


Nayel clearly told her mother that she did not support this marriage. He also broke his heart & more than that, he could not force himself to respect Nisar to do anything that would help him in any way. While watching these episodes, I think for myself how not entering his parents’ reason where even for a moment they respect the wishes of their children & think it is a good idea to force their decision on them -it is also when they are in The age at which they can make certain decisions themselves. Shazia is clearly – clearly ignoring Nayel’s solitude & thinks he will sweep him into this marriage, who once again shows how he is like a nisar – not related to reality & close his eyes to his child’s wishes. Shazia himself saw how broken heart Nayel & it was because he could not marry Maya but was purely because of the things that Nisar said to him, the way he lowered him & made him feel worthless. All of this will not happen if Shazia at least tries to understand where Nayel came from & why he was the most not interested in his marriage to Maya.

Maya’s assessment of Nayel’s behavior & how she will always have a hand above if she married her right. Once again, it clearly shows that Maya is far from his parents & he does not expect without hope, even he is practical & has the ability to see people as they are. He knew Nayel was hurt & definitely didn’t want him to be forced to get married. From the beginning he had the idea that this would be very difficult for him but unfortunately, no one cared. In the end, hearing Nisar blamed Nayel because all this was not too convincing. He must be the last person to blame others for the misery of his daughter. The entire marriage sequence, such as preparation & then the conversation related to him & then with Nayel that does not appear very well. It was executed brilliantly & emotions were captured perfectly. I really want to see Maya put her legs & don’t let anyone dictate her life for her. Although I know that he will eventually marry Shaan, but I hope it happens with his will & he is not yet forced in this marriage.

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In front of Sajih, Khawar was clearly quite relaxed, therefore he was in good relations with all his team members but when he came to Sajih & Ara, there must be a struggle & a lot of tension, especially when it comes to power -sharing. Jahan Ara seems to be the boss who leads the entire gang but Sajih find it difficult to accept it. Being on the frontline of every ‘project’ he feels much more entitled & thinks he leads everything except in reality, nothing might happen without the efforts of every team member. This is clearly a weakness of Sajih & that shows that this might be his destruction where he will finally try to do something himself & will eventually be caught. It is also interesting that despite having complete information & bio data, the police cannot arrest them. This is not like their victims are not at all related to the police, therefore a kind of police intervention must be needed to make it a little more interesting.

Convincing performance

So far, fraud is definitely prominent because of his very convincing appearance. The director has been able to capture the essence of emotions in every & every scenario, that’s what makes it an interesting experience to watch fraud. Mehmood Aslam & Saba Qamar have defeated themselves in this drama. I really enjoyed the performance of Ainy Zaidi & Ahsan Khan too even though their screen time was limited. Adnan Samad Khan is also quite impressive & so is Rabya Kulsoom. Saba Qamar is known for managing his character perfectly but this time, the use of wigs is clearly a big disorder because it does not suit him & adds more age to the character he is playing. In almost all prominent scenes such as a thumb that is sick & eliminates the appearance of the character as a whole. Fraud is clearly a drama that must be watched this season & I can’t wait to see the rest of the story revealed. Please share your thoughts about this episode of fraud.


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