Meet the First Ever Google Pixel Watch

Meet the First Ever Google Pixel Watch

Meet the First Ever Google Pixel Watch

Google today officially unveiled its Flagship devices for 2022. we have the new Google pixel 7. the Google pixel 7 Pro and the Google pixel watch I was actually at the event I had a little bit of a Hands-On time so I’m going to give you my first impressions of those three new devices from Google so Google actually showcased four devices the pixel tablet was also included with the other three that I just mentioned but that tablet’s not available until next year and unfortunately it wasn’t a part of the Hands-On section that I was at so I can’t really talk about it all too much but it does look cool and I highly recommend taking a look at Google’s website if you want more information about that but we’ll start off with the Google pixel watches that’s the one that I think I’m the most excited about right now and the most intriguing new device from Google so I know there’s been some light controversy surrounding the whole bezel of the watch and I have to say that with the UI and the kind of dark mode that’s going on here and if you get kind of a darker version of the watch I think it Blends in in really nicely and I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal I don’t really think the watch faces that 


Google offers really shows any of the bezel to be that big I really love this circular design there’s a digital crown on the side that’s very familiar feeling and it does a really nice job of you know kind of helping you navigate throughout the UI of course you can swipe through it if you want to and so yeah some of the watch faces that I’ve seen so far have looked really nice and it does kind of play to its weaknesses which would be that bezel and so I think it really does a good job of masking everything and so personally I’m a big fan I’ve been clamoring for a you know Apple circular watch but I don’t think that’s going to happen I think we’re going to be kind of stuck with the square watch for quite some time so if you are in the market for a circular smart watch then this might be one that could pique your interest in terms of size the pixel watch comes in one size which is 41 millimeters and so compared to the Apple watch it’s definitely a bit smaller I didn’t have the series 8 with me so here it is next to an Ultra and yeah that’s 49 millimeters and so yeah it’s pretty big in comparison battery life for the pixel watch is rated for 24 hours of use but I’ll need to actually put that number to the test uh so we can see how close we get to that 24 hours one thing I do want to point out is that Google finally decided to borrow a design element from Apple and that’s the way watch bands are you know added on and taken off I think a lot of other oems out there over the years have really done it differently and in a weirder way a more difficult way uh Apple has kind of always been at the top for me when it comes to just taking watch bands on and off it’s so much easier once you kind of know how to do it and I think the Google pixel watch kind of has a similar feel to it and a similar element to the mechanism in which you would connect these watch bands and so once you get used to it although the person that was showing me at the demo area kind of had a hard time doing it it could have been chalked up to nerves and being on camera I don’t really know but I feel like once you get to it and kind of do it you’ll understand that it’s way easier than some of the other watches that are out there the health and fitness of the Google pixel watch is handled by Fitbit which Google acquired a few years ago and so you’ll get about 40 different workout modes.

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There’s a daily Readiness score so that you can see how much your body can take on each day if you need a little bit more rest the score will indicate that or if you think you can kind of tackle the day and do more workouts and more active stuff then it’ll let you know that way as well and there’s even a way to track your heart rhythm and let you know if you have any signs of afib with the ECG app you also get sleep tracking through Fitbit sleep where you can see a nice breakdown of your light REM and deep sleep metrics now of course we’ll have a full comparison between the Google pixel watch and the Apple Watch series 8.


I don’t think it’s fair to put it up against the ultra those are kind of two different types of watches but will have a full breakdown again of the pixel watch and the Apple Watch series 8 in the next coming week so be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss that video next we’ll move on to the Google pixel 7 and 7 Pro and there really aren’t a whole lot of changes is to the overall design and the look and the feel it pretty much looks like the six and six Pro there are some refinements to the camera bumps and everything you’ll get that you know glossy back depending on whether you get the pro or the regular seven that’ll have more of a matte frosted finish to it but it’s mostly glass and aluminum it feels great I love the feel of the six and six Pro so I’m glad that it kept that design element but on the inside this year instead of Google’s first generation tensor chip we now have the tensor G2 chip and it’s pretty much the brains behind the entire operation here the software and most importantly the computational photography for its camera systems which is something that we’ll talk about right now because really when it comes to pixel phones that’s my favorite thing that I want to go out and test the cameras are always Top Notch and so this year we have quite a few improvements the new larger sensor will now bring in more light so of course it’s better for low light photos there are a couple of new video modes which stop me if you’ve heard this before but there is a new cinematic blur mode and a new active stabilization mode and if you’re sitting there thinking I have heard that before yes it is very similar to Apple’s cinematic mode and action mode of course.

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I will put those to the test we will have a full camera comparison between the 14 pro Max and the pixel 7 Pro so again subscribe so you don’t miss those videos Google also invested a lot in its telephoto lens that now includes a dedicated 5x telephoto range but can also provide clear images at up to 30X Zoom with what Google calls super resume and the company also talked a lot about its photo on blur feature which uses the tensor chip and computational photography to basically make your blurry photos not blurry and the crazy part is it obviously it works with new photos that you take with the Seven and Seven Pro but also with older photos that might be in your camera roll so excited to test that feature out as well my Hands-On time with the 7 and 7 Pro was also kind of limited there wasn’t really any reception or service or Wi-Fi connected with these devices so it was hard for me to really do anything but again like I said before it feels and looks a lot like the six and six Pro the display on the 6.7 inch 7 Pro is super nice again it’s 120 hertz it feels a lot like the iPhone 14 pro Max’s display it’s very vibrant colorful crispy watching content you know browsing the web doing whatever you want to do on your phone is going to look fantastic but of course the biggest story for me are the cameras and I’m excited to really test out all of the new camera features and again put it up against the iPhone 14 pro Max but I’d love to hear from you what are your thoughts around Google’s Flagship of devices for 2022


Meet the first ever Google Pixel Watch. 

With the best of Fitbit built in. Sleek design, premium finishes, and bands to match your style. Monitor your heart rate, track Active Zone Minutes, and check on your heart rhythm from the ECG app to detect atrial fibrillation. Go even deeper with the Fitbit Premium membership. And wherever you are, get directions, send texts. – [Watch Wearer] Hey Google. Send a message to Layla. [Check out and take calls, right from your Google Pixel Watch. – [Watch Wearer] Hey, can I call you back? [Narrator] You can leave your phone at home. You can also ask Google for help with the little things that make a big difference. [Watch Wearer] Hey Google. Turn on the lights. Help by Google, health by Fitbit. Only on the Google Pixel Watch.


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