Happy Teachers Day 2023: Thanks for Made Best Our Life

Happy Teachers day is celebrated on October 5 every year in most countries of the world to pay tribute to teachers, teachers’ organizations and teacher training institutions for their significant role in the education and development of future leaders. Is.

Happy Teachers Day 2023: Thanks for Made Best Our Life
Happy Teachers Day 2023: Thanks for Made Best Our Life

28 years ago today, in 1994, UNESCO declared October 5 as Teachers’ Day. Since then, every year this day is celebrated with grandeur. The theme for Teachers’ Day 2022 is ‘Teachers at the Center of Education Renewal’.


Teachers work hard every day to inspire, guide, educate and train us and our children. If we strain our memory and take ourselves back to our childhood or boyhood, we will surely remember at least one teacher who taught us to develop our personality, learn new skills, choose a suitable field, work hard, respect. To do, to be determined without giving up, to make a seemingly dry subject very interesting and to have positive guidance and encouragement in countless other tasks. You will also remember or see many teachers in today’s times who are performing many other roles besides their primary duty of ‘teaching and teaching’. Teachers are also advisors and friends to students. Many teachers also prove to be mentors to their students, who take the students out of difficult situations and lead them on the path to a bright future.

Although teaching is a noble profession, it is equally difficult and complex. In today’s advanced age, it also seems that teachers are having a tougher time than ever before. Some of the things they face every day in the classroom are disruptive and inappropriate environments, lack of resources, limited time, lack of continuous professional training, unreasonable expectations from school administrators and parents, and morals. Lack of support etc. are worth mentioning. The large number of students in a class also greatly limits the amount of individual attention teachers can provide. Teachers build nations but often in developing countries their salaries and benefits are negligible, denying them the place in society they rightly deserve. However, despite all these difficulties, teachers are playing their best role in the restoration of education by teaching well.

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As teachers prepare students for the future, it cannot be denied that they recognize their difficult task and critical task, prepare themselves for all kinds of challenges, new skills with changing circumstances and modern teaching methods. Keep it so that the difficulties in equipping the students better with the jewel of education will automatically be eased.


Teacher’s Day is an occasion where teachers and students are emotionally connected. Teachers because their efforts and hard work are appreciated by students, school management, parents and many other institutions and students because they are grateful to their teachers, who have made a positive impact in their lives. Is. Also, on this occasion, parents can send congratulatory letters to the teachers by appreciating and thanking them for their children’s performance. In today’s era, we can thank different teachers through social media by paying tribute to them for their excellent services and students can present their teachers with bouquets, chocolates, greeting cards, or portraits, poetry. And can express gratitude through drawing etc. Meritorious students, with the permission of their parents, can show their appreciation for their services by organizing a luncheon, dinner or other party for their teachers. Also, students can show their devotion to their teachers by adorning their pictures on social media.

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On Teacher’s Day, the school management along with the students organize a function for the teachers by decorating the school and thanking them for their selfless service. At this point, make sure to talk to each teacher separately and express your devotion to them. Some teachers may be suffering from different difficulties, at this point they should be covered. Also distribute certificates, shields and gifts among teachers. If possible, increase the cash reward or salary so that they contribute positively in nation building with more heart, confidence and passion.


Teachers educate students as well as nurture them. They prepare them for a better future as teachers are the true embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. They create awareness among students and general public. They are the source of light in the world, for those who are heading towards darkness due to ignorance. Our teachers are the main pillar of our success. They help us to gain knowledge, improve our skills and build our confidence as well as choose the path to success. But despite playing such an important role in the lives of students and nation building, they rarely get the appreciation they deserve. So it is our duty as students, parents, school management and responsible citizens to thank them and appreciate their sacrifices generously. Teachers’ Day gives us an ideal opportunity to fulfill this duty.


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