Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan

Atlas Honda has launched the latest Honda CG 125 2023 with a brand new sticker, which has made fans very excited. Honda CG 125 2023 price in Pakistan is Rs. 179,900 and is the same as the previous model as the company hiked the prices last month.

However, the Honda CG 125 2023 still has a vintage look compared to other motorcycles available in the market but carrying the same design and parts means that the maintenance of the motorcycle becomes very easy for the user, which is In favor of the motorcycle. It is intended to serve as a utility vehicle.


Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan
Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CG 125 2023 model price in Pakistan is Rs. 179,900 for the latest model which the company introduced on Monday (September 15, 2022). The motorcycle has a strong customer base in Pakistan as Atlas Honda is known for providing good quality motorcycle products at very reasonable prices.


About Honda CG125

The Honda CG 125 2023 model looks similar to the model launched last year except for a new sticker. The motorcycle has been the most popular option in the 125cc category since it first went into production in 1992. Honda CG 125 is known for its durability, reliable engine and easy maintenance. The motorbike has the best resale value in its class, which is considered very important by Pakistanis when buying any type of vehicle.


The two-wheeler engine has been upgraded several times by the company and meets the Euro II standard, which is perfect for many customers looking for an affordable yet reliable ride to go about their daily life. Make a selection above. The Honda CG 125 has seen several other changes over the years, including new carburetors, rear signals, seats, headlights, etc.


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The Honda CG 125 has proven to be a lifetime asset, lasting for generations if properly maintained by the owner. Parts are readily available wherever you go and most mechanics know how to work on a motorcycle if you ever run into a problem, which is in the motorcycle’s favor since it’s meant to be a utility vehicle. .


However, the only complaint from customers is the outdated look of the two-wheeler. There are many customers who want to see a more modern look in the CG 125 but Atlas Honda continues to introduce the same basic design to its loyal customers every year. There are other options with better looks, like the CB 125 but it has yet to gain the confidence of consumers like the CG 125 as they have low resale value and expensive parts.

Honda CG 125 2023 Model Pictures

Atlas Honda has introduced the Honda CG 125 2023 model with a brand new sticker but based on the information available on Honda’s website, which has been updated with the latest model, the motorcycle is not much different. .

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Honda CG 125 Color

Honda CG 125 comes in two color options, including black and red.

Honda CG 125 2023 Photos/Pictures

Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan
Honda CG 125 2023 Price in Pakistan


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