House of the Dragon (2022) Trailer Review,Cast,Release Date

House of the Dragon (2022) Trailer Review,Cast,Release Date

House of the Dragon (2022) Cast

  • Paddy Considine
  • Emma D’Arcy
  • Matt Smith
  • Olivia Cooke
  • Steve Toussaint
  • Eve Best
  • Fabien Frankel
  • Sonoya Mizuno
  • Rhys Ifans


House of the Dragon (2022) Release Date

House of the Dragon’s ten episode season will begin on August 21, 2022.

House of the Dragon (2022) Budget

House of the Dragon’s budget of around $150 to $200 million is barely half of Amazon’s $465 million budget. Also, Netflix isn’t afraid to spend money on upcoming follow-up seasons like Season 4 of Stranger Things, which is rumored to be budgeted at $30 million per episode.

House of the Dragon Trailer Review

House of the Dragon (2022) Trailer Review,Cast,Release Date

welcome back for another game of thrones and house of the dragon update video well my friends the day is finally here as you can see hbo has officially released their first full trailer for their new game of thrones series house of the dragon and i must say everything looks like it will be amazing in this first season after looking at all the different sets the different locations the wardrobe the armor the battles and even the dragons the first season of house of the dragon looks almost as incredible as the final season of game of thrones and everyone else involved obviously did an amazing job on this show it was definitely worth waiting for as you can see we are now entering a new era in the game of thrones saga ladies and gentlemen house of the dragon is here and ready to leave their mark now let’s get into the video the first season of house of the dragon will mostly focus on the line of succession they made that very obvious with all of the different lines of dialogue in this trailer for those of you who don’t know king viserys targaryen will have to decide who will run the seven kingdoms after he is gone when house of the dragon begins viserys will be left without any sons of his own unfortunately his first wife will die before he is given an heir this means he will have to decide if he will leave the iron throne for his brother daemon or his daughter rhaenyra now although viserys does love his brother daemon he doesn’t want him to become the king now when it comes to rhaenyra the issue is women have no rights to the iron throne this was established during the reign of viserys targaryen’s father king jiharis someone we will meet in the very first episode when they have the great council of 101ac at harrenhal during the great council viserys targaryen is elected as the next king of the seven kingdoms however it was also decided that no woman can sit on the iron throne we will see viserys go against this law when he names his daughter rhaenyra as his heir we hear serato help set this in motion when he says it’s urgent that viserys decides what he will do with the matter of succession you see serato hates the king’s brother daemon he’s worried that daemon will sit on the iron throne after viserys is gone he will urge viserys to name his daughter as his heir which he will eventually do since he doesn’t have any sons when viserys makes rhaenyra his heir most of the lords and ladies will arrive at the red keep to swear they’re fealty now since this is a song of ice and fire we know this won’t end with a happily ever after you see viserys doesn’t stay unmarried for very long he eventually gets remarried to allison hightower the daughter of serato hightower who is his hand of the king now what makes this really interesting is the fact that viserys’s new wife alicent was great friends with his daughter rhaenyra we will see their great relationship at the beginning of the show however their friendship will eventually go up in flames it’s not long before viserys and alicent begin having kids of their own they end up having several sons named aegon aemond and daron now although viserys will have sons he doesn’t make any changes to his line of succession rhaenyra remains as his heir for the iron throne that is until viserys dies now you would think rhaenyra would just sit on the iron throne after her father died but the only issue is she wasn’t in king’s landing when that happened she was on dragonstone getting ready to have a daughter of her own we hear rhaenys targaryen tell her husband lord coreless valerion that rhaenyra’s claim will be challenged not only because she’s a woman but because viserys now has sons who most believe should be next in line now when king viserys dies alison and her father serado have the city on lockdown they begin making arrangements to have alison and viserys’s son aegon sit on the iron throne before rhaenyra even learns what happened as a matter of fact viserys is dead for over a week before rhaenyra finds out her father died by then allison and serato have already set things in motion for them to keep the city under their control this absolutely destroys what was once a great relationship between rhaenyra and alicent this will obviously lead to an all-out war now this is the main story which will be the backbone of house of the dragon but let’s have a look at some of the other scenes.

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from the trailer one thing that really sets this trailer apart from the other teasers is the amount of dragons we finally see in one shot we see a dragon flying near the dragon pit of king’s landing this was back when it was still a massive dome castle sitting on rainey’s hill this is actually where we will see viserys and allison’s son aegon be crowned as the new king before rhaenyra even knows her father has died we also see many great shots of the different tournaments during the first season as we’ve already seen in some of the official photos we will see daemon and sir kristin cole fight during one of these events in fact daemon will lose to sir kristen cole on two different occasions for those of you who don’t know sir kristin cole will become the lore commander of the kingsguard after sir harold westerling now another thing we see is rhaenyra and lanor velaryon walking along the beach most likely on dragonstone lanor velaryon is the son of lord corliss velaryon and rainey’s targaryen rhaenyra and lenore will have three sons during their marriage however it is rumored that these three sons were actually fathered by another man we might even find out that this marriage was most likely for show and to strengthen the alliance between houses targaryen and velaryon we also see several shots of daemon leading the city watch of king’s landing this will be when daemon is the lore commander of the city watch he’s actually the one who gives them their gold cloaks something they will be known for from here on out one thing daemon loves to do while lore commander the city watch is instill some law and order among the small folk this isn’t the only thing we will see daemon do however in the first season he will be a very busy man along with his friend lorcorlis velaryon daemon and lore corliss will start a war of their own when they fight a series of land and naval battles on the stepstones after viserys refuses the name daemon as his heir he decides to build a kingdom of his own so him and corliss begin striking these small islands for ultimate control daemon will eventually be named as the king of the stepstones and the narrow sea however he won’t hold this for very long another character we meet in the trailer is aemon one eye targaryen the son of viserys in alicent as you can see he wears an eye patch over one of his eyes thanks to rhaenyra’s son you see aemon and his siblings became bitter rivals of rhaenyra’s sons for stealing their birthright another thing that will happen is king viserys will suggest that amon who out of all his siblings was the only one who didn’t have a dragon of his own could claim a dragon egg or hatchling on dragonstone for his own if he was bold enough annoyed by his father aemon resolved to claim veigar the oldest of the dragons,

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who had recently become riderless with the death of lana velaryon now aemon who knew that his father would not allow him near the dragon went to make this ride in secret only aemon was caught by his three-year-old nephew joffrey who is one of rhaenyra’s sons now in order to keep him quiet aemon slapped and threatened the younger boy before shoving him into some of the dragon droppings after joffrey began to yell amon climbed on the top of vegard’s back the dragon broke free of her chains and aemon flew in circles before landing joffrey however had alarmed his older brothers jacarys and lucari’s velaryon the four boys fought with wooden swords that is until aemon called his nephew strong’s insisting that they were bastards jacarys who was old enough to understand the insult attacked aemond again now when amon gains the upper hand and begins to beat jacary savagely lucario’s drew his dagger and slashed at aemon’s face removing his right eye after this incident alison demanded that luceries lose an eye as well which king viserys refused while rhaenyra demanded that aemon was also to be held accountable since he was suggesting they were bastards and therefore rhaenyra was guilty of high treason by sleeping with sir harwin strong this was a big issue as you can see this incident causes a lot of issues among rhaenyra and alison further dividing their friendship the first season will have a lot of drama dividing house targaryen right down the middle leading to enough fire and blood that will leave this once large house and its dragons and shambles i would get ready ladies and gentlemen because house of the dragon is finally here if any of you want to know all of the little details regarding these events i will link some of my other videos down below i don’t want to ruin everything in this video because i’m sure some of you don’t want to know everything just yet but for those of you who do there are more videos down below where i go over everything that’s written in george rr martin’s fire and blood like i said at the beginning of this video i’m very happy with how everything looks and feels with what i’ve seen so far all of the actors look great in their roles in the sets in the different locations and the different wardrobes and armor and the damn dragons look amazing i cannot wait for the show to finally air i hope all of you come back here when i make all of my videos during the season i have so many more heading your way as always i want to thank everyone for watching this video i hope all of you have a great day i will see you again very soon bye so so so you.

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