How to Delete Instagram Account 2022

How to Delete Instagram Account 2022

How to Delete Instagram Account 2022
How to Delete Instagram Account 2022

In this Article we will learn how to delete an Instagram account so let’s start deleting your account on Instagram the same process for Android and also iOS devices so you don’t need to worry if you are on Android first make sure that you are connected to the internet and after connecting to the internet .

Delete Instagram Account on Andriod 2022

Just go and open your Instagram application so here we go so after the Instagram application is open, just go away and tap your profile icon in the lower right corner after you are here now and tap and tap in these three rows in the upper right corner now tap the settings now In the Settings Tap now tap in the assistance center and this assistance center will open a new menu here now all you need to do is go and tap to manage your account and enter to manage your account, you need to knock on deleting your account and delete your account, You need to knock on how to delete my Instagram account, this will be uka tensile menu so here you need to do is scroll down and here it is said to delete your account your page needs to knock this in some cases. Like your username and password through the process and after you enter you will be transferred to delete your account page so here you need why you delete your account, you need to choose the reason for it so tap it now choose any reason when.

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 Instagram Account Permanently 2022

You want to tap complete and here you have to enter your account password after you enter the password, tap permanently, delete my account, so after you do it, your account will be deleted in some cases if you want to deactivate your account temporarily, said If you want to rest and rest and you can always deactivate for a while, so it’s for permanent and A will not recover it if you want to deactivate your account for a while you can go through deactivation while your account process so that here you can choose a reason for this or you can enter the password and temporarily disable the account so you can go as you wish so hope it has helped you in deactivating or deleting your Instagram account on Android.

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