How to Start Business Along With Job

How to Start Business Along With Job

How to Start Business Along With Job

How to Start Business Along With Job. Many young people who work today try to “run their own business“. They cannot leave their current jobs and start their own “exciting” business. For this reason, they dream of capturing dreams like “wherever they want, they are the bosses themselves, when their hearts work, when they go home they wish, etc.”


Believe friends, the idea of ​​doing your own business is very high if it does not include unrealistic things related to it. In fact, in creating a mindset that is daydreaming where some called motivational speakers today have a share, our young people also have their own laziness. For them, the current job is a waste of time and it is possible to get their own business. And I think that thought needs to be examined and changed.

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How to Start Business Along With Job
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You sir, here are some practical tips for young people who want to start their own business based on my own observations, experiences, and research on others. If you agree, you will definitely follow them.


  1. Don’t think that whatever you do right now is useless or a waste of time. Thank God you have a job. Because the experience gained from the current job will be useful for the rest of your life.


  1. Now, if you plan to start a business, first think of a business that is similar to your current job, not try your luck in a completely new field. Like working in school, business in your academy or school supplies. Or other tasks used in the current job. Like most of my banker friends do courier companies, stationery, computer side businesses.


  1. Participate in business as a sleeping partner or part time with a businessman to learn first. Never stop your job immediately, but use an existing job network to start a business.


  1. Never be too trapped in the learning process now. Stay on the sidelines and see and understand business secrets. Don’t be tempted to get a fast profit.


  1. If necessary, rent siblings, relatives or employees to replace you in your new business. Don’t sacrifice your work now. Make a feeling of gratitude in yourself and feel happy that you will set up a business with a job. Which you can adopt completely in the near future.


  1. Make a balance between your current job and your new business. Don’t let business problems affect your work. Keep in mind that you are in the process of studying business.


  1. When your new business starts to grow and you really feel that this business requires full time now, say goodbye to your current job in a good way, not to damage relationships in chaos.


So friends, here are some basic things that must be sought when starting a business with a job. Remember that preparing your own business is more difficult than hiring. Stay away from things that are not realistic like when you want, when you feel that way, when your boss etc. If you take things calmly and try not to focus too much on the problem, you will become a full entrepreneur in just a few years.


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