Imran Khan de-notified, made caretaker PM

PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan de-notified. Continue as PM

The Presidential Secretariat issued a press release after midnight which stated “Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, will continue as the prime minister until the prime minister of caregivers under Article 224 A (4) Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.”

Imran Khan is Pakistani Prime Minister after the dissolution of the National Assembly.


Notification of the Cabinet Division stated that, “the consequence after the dissolution of the National Assembly by the President of Pakistan, in terms of Article 58 (1) read with Article 48 (1) No 487 (1) / 2022, April 3, 2022, Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi stopped holding Pakistani Prime Minister’s office, with direct effects. “

In addition, the Cabinet Division also issued a Notification of De-Notifying Minister of Federal, Minister of State, Advisory and Special Assistant for the Imran Khan Cabinet. Following the notification of the cabinet division, Imran Khan is no longer a prime minister.

PM Imran Khan No Confidence Motion

When contacted, the constitutional expert, former Chairman of the Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, who articulated amendments to the 18 Constitution, stated that the notification circulating from the cabinet division stated that Imran Khan stopped being the prime minister and in this situation, there was no Pakistani prime minister. “In the absence of other notices, there seems to be no Pakistani prime minister,” he said.


Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said this was the constitutional step taken by the representative of the national speaker because he did not have the authority to befall the constitutional provisions and the prime minister then faced confidence based on article 58, which forbid him to advise him to dissolve the National Assembly and President also violates the constitution by accepting the suggestion.

Mr Imran Naizi Shall Continue As Prime Minister

Parliamentarians say that clause 4 article 224 of the constitutional countries: “The prime minister and head of the leadership minister will continue to hold positions to the appointment of the prime minister of caregivers and head of the case may.” While Article 94 of the Constitution stated that “the President can ask for the prime The minister continued to hold positions until his successor entered the Prime Minister’s office. “

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The procedure for the appointment of the caregiver described in Article 224A Constitution, which read as “224A (1) In the event that the prime minister and opposition leader in the National Assembly who came out did not agree to anyone was appointed as the prime minister of caregivers, within three days since the dissolution of the National Assembly, They will continue two nominations each to the committee to be formed immediately by the National Assembly speaker, consisting of eight members of the National Assembly that came out, or the Senate, or both, had the same representation of the Treasury and Opposition, to be nominated by the Prime Minister and Leader Each opposition.

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“(2) If a minister and opposition leader in the temporary assembly does not approve everyone appointed as the minister of aircraft, within three days of the dissolution of the assembly, they will advance two nominations each to the committee to be formed immediately by the speaker The Provincial Assembly, which consists of six members of the Provincial Assembly came out which has the same representation of the treasury and opposition, to be nominated by the chairman of the ministers and opposition leaders respectively.


(3) The Committee is a clause (1) or (2) will complete the name of the Prime Minister of the caregiver or head guard head, because the case is possible, within three days of the reference to the problem: As long as the committee’s inability to decide on this problem mentioned above, nomination names must return


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