India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry: Most Intense Sports Rivalry Ever

India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry: Most Intense Sports Rivalry Ever

India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry
India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

India-Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalrys in the world. As a result of the strained relations, bitter diplomatic relations and disputes between the two countries which started in 1947 during the partition of British India between India and Pakistan, the India-Pakistan wars and the Kashmir dispute laid the foundation for a sharp rise. Sports rivalry between the India-Pakistan that shared a common cricket heritage.

India-Pakistan Face To Face

Both teams first played in 1952, when India-Pakistan . Tests and, later, limited over’s series have been played ever since, although several scheduled tours have been cancelled or cancelled by both sides due to political factors.


India-Pakistan Due to the growing population of large numbers of immigrants from both countries around the world, neutral venues, including the United Arab Emirates and Canada, are hosting bilateral and multilateral one-day international (ODI) series in which India-Pakistan Teams are involved and the teams have met during the International Cricket Council. ICC) Competition. Tickets for the matches in which the two teams play each other in international competitions are in high demand, with more than 800,000 applications for tickets for the 2019 Cricket World Cup between the two sides. The match was televised by 273 million viewers.

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The players of India-Pakistan face intense pressure to win as usual and there is a risk of severe reaction to defeat. Fans have reacted sharply to defeats in major matches, including extreme bullying. In addition, India-Pakistan matches have provided opportunities for cricket diplomacy to improve relations between the two countries. Has also provided, allowing heads of state to exchange tours and cricket fans to travel to another country to watch the match.Matches have often been anti-climax, but team jokes have long been interesting. Think of the best rivals in the game – Sampras-Agassi, Federer-Nadal, Showtime Lakers-Birds Celtics – and the main reason why they resonate so memorably can be attributed to conflicting styles and ideologies.

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