International Cat Day 2023 (August 8th)

International Cat Day 2023 (August 8th)

International Cat Day 2023 (August 8th)

8 August is International Cat Day – a day to celebrate one of man’s most common and oldest pets. They’re even worshiped as gods (we’re over to you, Egypt.) Well, it’s no surprise, cats are one of the coolest creatures on the planet: they’re independent, curious. are brave, their striking physiognomy, and their strength. Heals on its own – at least most of the time.

When is International Cat Day 2023?

International Cat Day 2023 on August 8 celebrates our mysterious furry cats.

History of International Cat Day

Cats are carnivorous mammals – mostly for me Muslims – with four legs, one paw and an ancient, domesticated animal, they came from the African wild and they are insect humans.


The first historical human records of cats can be traced back to the culture of the ancient Egyptian civilization. We all seem to associate cats with the Egyptians, because of their worship and deification of cats. Mafdet was the first known deity of cats and was considered a protector against snakes, scorpions and evil during the First Kingdom, for him cats were not only deities but protectors.

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Later, after the capital of the Egyptian dynasty, cats became popular everywhere! The Greeks and Romans used them as control, in the East, cats were originally owned by rich and wealthy people. But during the Middle Ages, in Europe, the blue was associated with superstition and was suspected of carrying the disease during the Black Death of 1348, because it killed so many cats. And it wasn’t until the court of 1600. The reputation of cats began to recover.

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In the Americas, cats roamed ashore and thrived as part of the carriage on colonial ships to reduce vermin and disease. Nowadays, cats seem to be one of the modern pop icons – about half a billion of us. And, since 2002, cats have their own holiday thanks to “International for Animal Welfare”!



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