London Nahi Jaunga Movie Review : Family Entertainer

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London Nahi Jaunga Movie Review : Family Entertainer


London Nahi Jaunga Movie Review

London Nahi Jaunga Movie hello everyone today the film that i’ll be talking about is London Nahi Jaunga  i won’t go to london written by khalid rahman kumar and directed by nadeem big starring humayun saeed and kubra khan now is this a sequel to the earlier punjab nahi jaungi no some of the themes and some of the setups are similar characters are similar but not really actors are the same many actors are the same rather but at the end of it this is a completely different film director nadeem bake has encapsulated punjab beautifully the scene opens with a gorgeous shot of punjab itself that that makes you dive straight in to the beauty and the splendor that is the you know the field of punjab and the beauty of punjab humayun stars as jameel a person who has kind of written off marriage but he’s been forced to be engaged to azu which is played beautifully by kubra khan at this point in time we see zara tevana come in and then change the game how she changes the game that is something you’ll have to find out when you actually watch the film a lot of the conversations in london nahi janga are about the context and the way that love marriage relationships breakups are treated how we look at them not just in punjab but in pakistan in general maeve shara’s fury character is unapologetic she’s completely completely in charge of who she is what she wants how she wants to take her journey forward on the other hand jameel who is completely besotted by this you know this girl from london has its own pushes and pulls humayun brings such a delight to the character it’s his deadpan humor his swag the way that he is this is gentle uh kindness to him as well which is a part of his character and of course his real life persona as well and of course the way that the character is written he’s somebody who’s so in love that he’ll do the right thing obviously not the wrong thing he’ll fight the right people but he’ll also fight for the right people and he’ll also stand for what is right so everything about the male protagonist is something that you want to see even though he’s persistent he’s not harassing yes he’s kind of stalking but that kind of stalking is has a larger context so definitely watch the film for that and don’t really write it off as stalking then you have kubra khan’s arzu who is again a besotted girl but with her own depth and pithy dialogues kobra despite the fact that she is from a completely different background has done really well in kind of carrying off the punjabi accent the real winner in the film is the film itself and the genre it has created it has created i think a brand new genre which has sort of established the pakistani identity of films we don’t have those crazy juggernaut kind of movies and we also obviously don’t have superhero movies or insane kind of action flicks but we do have a certain identity we are not exactly like an onion cinema we’re not exactly like bollywood we’re obviously not hollywood but we have our own flavor and london nahijanga sort of becomes that final identity palette as to which how pakistani films are made and how they will be made in the future there’s a lot of love in the audience for our language.

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London Nahi Jaunga Cast & Crew

Film  London Nahi Jaunga
Release Date: Eid Ul Adha 2022
Lead Cast: Humayun Saeed

Mehwish Hayat

Kubra Khan

Written By: Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar
Directed By: Nadeem Baig
Produced By: Shahzad Nasib

Salam Iqbal

Jerjees Seja

Humayun Saeed


London Nahi Jaunga Movie Dialogues 

the way that our characters you know kind of are dramatic in those scenes even though it’s not like those scenes are just dialogues and people are just speaking to each other and that’s what the beauty of the scene is no there is a lot of stuff happening there is a lot of action at the heart of the scene but at the end of it the real hero becomes the the writing the dialogue the performances the people and the story itself which intertwines itself and then creates a larger narrative that is the identity of pakistani cinema and i think London Nahi Jaunga  encapsulates it perfectly.

London Nahi Jaunga Film Songs & Music and Direction

London Nahi Jaunga Songs & Music and Direction

 it kind of cements it creates the pakistani film genre and everything about the film is so thoroughly pakistani the flavor is so thoroughly pakistani that i’m very happy to say that this can be a template that can be followed by other films because this itself will be well received because there’s a right amount of humor there’s the right amount of dialogues and uh you know song and dance and all of that shabang is there but then there’s also something very truly pakistani about the way that we talk to each other the small lyrics and the small poetry that’s added everything about it screams that it’s a beautiful pakistani film the performances by humayun shayat and kubra khan hold the film together of course that goes without saying mevish looks absolutely stunning humayun every time he cries on the screen no matter what it is no matter how ridiculous the situation is every time he’s facing a bad person every time he’s facing a challenge you just want him to win it does not matter how ridiculous the situation is if it’s an improbable if it really shouldn’t be happening even if you’re wondering why is this happening you just want him to win that’s the kind of hero that cinema needs and that’s the kind of hero a cinema deserves so pakistan thankfully has that hero in humayun side and that is why he’s still an absolute king kobra khan also has that lovable innocent quality for which you also kind of have your heart broken over it then the supporting caste that is suhail ahmad vasa chaudhary and gohar rasheed and so many other actors who are also present in the film sabah vessel looks absolutely gorgeous sabah me that brings a lot of sadness and tragedy to the to the story itself which i’m not going to spoil for you but at the end of it the supporting character characters and actors have done such a marvelous job in creating the narrative and establishing it with their one-liners and with their emotional uh sort of deliveries everything else in the film fits perfectly into the heart of what the story is and this is a love story with a lot of drama with a lot of funny dialogues with a lot of relatable dialogues and that is why i think london jamwa is an absolute winner.

London Nahi Jaunga Watch Online Actors Performance Complete Family Entertainer 

the songs are dance worthy locations are beautiful everybody looks amazing what’s not to love this is a film you must watch as a family as it’s an entertainer it’s got a lot of inside jokes it’s got a lot of great punjabi if you understand punjabi it’s going to be a treat for you for the eyes and for the soul and for the heart you will leave the film wanting more you will leave the film wondering.

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 Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar Create Magic Again

London Nahi Jaunga Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar Create Magic Again

 when is the next time we’re going to see Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed groom together they make such a fantastic couple and every time that we see them we think that they’re just perfect for each other they share great chemistry on the screen and obviously off the screen as well they’re great friends they’re great fun to be around so that’s i think the magic of what they’ve been able to create and the dialogues by khalid rahman kamer the cinematography the direction by nadeem big and the kind of the way that he has created that landscape and how he plays with that landscape to kind of establish his larger idea that this is a story 

London Nahi Jaunga Tickets

which is yes not about everything but this is a story about love which can be everything for people so don’t forget to book your tickets right now i would say this is a great moment for pakistani cinema you’ve got a great film like kathy azam zindabad you’ve got a great film like london also great other films are coming up so i think you should definitely book a ticket right now check it out go with your family enjoy this is a film that you will not regret guess there are some moments in the film that you know at the end of it you might wonder hey why is this happening and what is this happening and maybe if you’re not a pakistani you might wonder about some of the jokes but these are very very very very tiny minute like really really like ignorable flaws because overall the film is an enjoyable treat it’s an enjoyable ride you have to see it in the cinema to kind of absorb the largeness of the love that the film has thank you so much for watching this review london nahi janga is a splendid film it’s a total passover soul film go take your family book your tickets don’t forget to like comment share subscribe and take care of yourself have a great day bye.

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