Final countdown: No-Confidence Motion against PM Imran Khan

Final countdown: All eyes Goes to on vote of no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan

No Confidence Motion Against PM Imran


All eyes are on the National Assembly today because the clock checks on voting and does not believe in Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The day to determine the future of the Premier was finally here after a series of incidents and some shifts in the country’s political scenario, with NA all set to hold important voting and sit parliament today, which will begin at 11:30 today (Sunday) ).

The Prime Minister will attend a crucial session from the Right House which will be held under the Asad Qaiser speaker, the source said.

PM Imran Khan believes that he will defile his non-confidence movement, the source said, adding that the Premier has decided to fight until the last ball.

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Section 144 Enacted in Capital

To avoid unwanted incidents on decisive days, district administration has applied part 144 and abandoned reports that are truly illegal in Islamabad for today.

The statement issued by the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad said that the red zone had been sealed with large containers and barbed cable and with fast security in the federal capital.

Local administration has also forbidden all types of meetings in the area inside and outside the red zone in a radius of one kilometer.

In addition, the notification issued by the Islamabad District Judge prohibits all types of 5 or more meetings, procession / demonstrations and demonstrations in the red zone.

Previously, the source said that the Government and the leadership of PTI had decided to incite violence in the current federal capital during the poll.

Whether they enter the assembly or even if they are outside, they will be beaten, Mir said, citing information sources, after the prime minister’s call for “peaceful protest.”

Previously, PM Imran Khan asked young people to protest for two days –

Saturday and Sunday – against “foreign conspiracies” which were hatched against their government.

The PM office denied the report

“… I want you to protest Pakistan who is peaceful and prosperous,” Prime Minister said during a question and answer session directly with people on Saturday, when opposition was seen in a firm position to overthrow the government.

However, the prime minister’s house contradicted the report. “The Prime Minister’s office denies the news and strongly condemns the one-sided propaganda campaign,” the PM office said.

“Based news is based on the media channel regarding the motion of not confidence, which according to him the National Assembly Opposition member will be prevented to reach the house down tomorrow.”

The Prime Minister firmly believes in the democratic process and opposes unconstitutional steps, he added.

In response to other questions, PM Imran Khan said he had a plan for voting sessions in the motion of not being confident in the National Assembly and with confidence stating that he would defeat the move.

I Have A Plan

“I have more than one plan. We will win tomorrow,” Prime Minister said, adding that PTI had swept the local body selection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The Premier said local bodies showed that this nation was not with them and “did not forgive them”; Politicians who support them are now afraid that they might be part of “foreign conspiracy” against Pakistan.


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