Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie Gigantic Start in Box Office

Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Popular Public Review

Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie Gigantic Start in Box Office

 today the film Quaid-e-Azam that i’ll be talking about is ideas that’s right it’s the latest film   offering by Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Mirza by filmwalla pictures Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad they always have such a great track record so let’s talk about whether this film has lived up to its hype and the fact that we’ve been waiting for this one for a very long time so let’s talk about whether this one was good bad the ugly what’s it all about the film star Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan two of our very favorite stars uh a pairing which we weren’t really uh you know hoping to see in the near future but we finally saw it come together and uh definitely worth it to see that so let’s get that off the plate uh then let’s talk about what the plot really is so if you if you’ve seen the Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad trailer you know that the plot is all about uh a police officer uh stuck in obviously a corrupt system but he obviously has succumbed to that system and that set system has made him what he is uh greed and the the you know the desire for worldly things all of these things are very common themes and Nabeel Qureshi  films always hold this moralistic idealistic view of society and humanity they’re always telling you something they’re always trying to teach society they’re trying to use their storytelling to kind of push a larger message for the betterment of humanity of tolerance of the country and kind of believing in uh you know yourself and believing in in the way and the reason why this country was made then the female heroines in the beans films are always very very empowered very strong very independent so all of these elements are there in faith and i’m sure you must have seen that in the trailer so recently uh the white premiere was held and i got the chance to attend it and i got a chance to watch the film Fahad Mustafa & Mahira Khan and Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Mirza  were also there they were very happy to share the space with a lot of adoring fans now getting into the before i get into the film i have to tell you that the last eid offerings weren’t really that great and weren’t really impressive and i was kind of very anxious moving into this film because i thought that if those films have managed to do certain amount of businesses then does that mean that as an audience is our you know taste and our what we require as you know from the cinema is shifting because that’s a very worrying trend for me but thankfully after watching pythagorean my verdict is that there is this massive relief that i feel that nabil obviously hasn’t lost his touch and he still has a very good grasp he has a very good vision of what he believes cinema to be and this is his brand of cinema which has obviously elements of bollywood but then also uh those local flavors the kind of like jokes we’ve grown up on the witty departe that we’re so you know um we’re so so uh comfortable with in the way that we talk and the way that our literature and our media and our television and our films have been portrayed so all of that is there in nabil’s films that is where i am very very very relieved actually.

Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie 2022 Cast


Directed by Nabeel Qureshi
Written by Nabeel Qureshi

Fizza Ali Meerza

Screenplay by Nabeel Qureshi
Produced by Mehdi Ali

Fizza Ali Meerza

Starring Fahad Mustafa

Mahira Khan

Music by Shani Arshad


Filmwala PIctures
Distributed by Hum Films
Release date 10 July 2022
Running time 142 minutes
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu


Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie Story 

 Film starts off with fahad mustafa narration he is a kid and his father has always taught him to be a good cop his father was also a cop and an older Qavi khan when we see him when we see father’s character grow up shares a beautiful bond with his son there are very few scenes for a lot of great actors but all of those actors have done a fabulous fabulous job so when this young man gulab grows up to be a police officer he’s unapologetic about his corruption he believes that that is the only way to fight or to kind of survive not fight but survive uh in a very very corrupt and a messed up system and he has no bone he makes no bones about it and the way that fahad portrays gulab is where the real genius of the character also lies uh fahad has this very uh boyish and a very simplistic charm to him uh he’s a man next door he’s your street smart guy but then also the opening credits and the way that he carries himself makes him a bona fide cinematic hero and for that i think fahad mustafa deserves all the applause and the bill deserves all the applause the way that he makes this character and makes fahad larger than life on screen is something that we sometimes miss in our cinema because we really don’t uh turn the hero into a hero rather he just he becomes just that next guy but at the same time you still want to relate to that hero and that relatability as well as that larger than life persona fahad brings that to the screen bonafide superstar level behavior that he’s got going on on the screen as well as off screen what a wonderful gentleman great to hang around with great to talk to very bright guy you can see him in all of his you know tv shows that he does he’s also bringing all of that great amazing you know energy there he’s like this wonderful tv personality as well for the masses and i think that there’s there’s no shame in admitting that it’s not about being high brow it’s about doing what the masses uh want you to do and playing to that and you know when we look at you know superstars like shahrukh khan or dwayne johnson they bring the same energy to the table as well uh they are what people love what people want to see they’re lovable they’re kind they’re uh you know happy to kind of interact and work on that level so fahad brings all of that into gulab that’s why despite the fact that you know this is a corrupt police officer and yes in the back of your head you know that at some point in time he is going to get reformed uh but still all of that you just kind of keep aside and you look at him as a lovable hero uh it’s very filmy it’s very slapstick the whole film kind of takes on a lot of larger than life larger than you know whatever you see on the cinema sort of a level and before the film starts uh there’s a little statement that uh nabeel makes and i think it’s a very important statement it’s a story that we wish to be real so a lot of the elements you take it with a pinch of salt you know that you know obviously i know this is not possible but this is the dream that uh you know we have or that the filmmaker has had which he wants to share with us and we kind of know why he why he wants to have that dream or why he’s having this dream about seeing a certain kind of society all those great elements like having under you know on the street or about you know.

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Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie Actor Performances


Fahad Mustafa And Mahira Khan Tremendous Chemistry


being you know your mobile being snatched on the streets of karachi so all of these great elements are present splendid chemistry with fahad mustafa i wasn’t expecting this level of chemistry and i wasn’t really expecting uh this kind of character to be working out so great for mahira because she’s always played a sort of a demure and yet you know this uh charming kind of a kind of a heroine but this is a different kind of a fire brand although she’s always been you know very self-confident in all of her roles but this is a different spunky firebrand kind of heroine who’s making no apologies for who she is and she’s at the center and the heart of the film she’s the soul and the conscience of the film as well she’s carrying the spirit of spirit of the film forward there are some great jokes in there which mahira and obviously father deliver beautifully javi chief is also uh fantastic with his comedic timing you have small bits by uh you know selene mirage and other actors as well uh also has like a very small sort of a role but it’s a very very impactful role and as far as the story goes i’m not going to spoil it for you i want you guys to go in the cinema experience it for yourself enjoy it for yourself and understand what the story is about and why it’s so relevant in today’s context in pakistan’s politics and society and all of those contexts are extremely relevant to what khali azim sindh is talking about the first half of the film has some great songs like loot array and aliza first will both of them are extremely beautiful songs wonderfully uh showcased they have that beat in the cinema and uh especially the the the aliza for song bill curry has this very nostalgic kind of beautiful tone whereas asura stone reminds me you kind of like vanjalebi but still like so picturized so beautifully uh in the sense that mahara looks amazing uh despite the fact that i wish that they had kind of expanded on the on the locations a bit but still she looks brilliant she just lights up the screen she lights up the cinema she’s got this glow about her and you know you can’t get enough of her towards the second half of the film it gets more serious it gets more pithy it gets more dialogue driven uh you know little bit of climaxes happen at every point in time sometimes you wish that it would have taken you know a bit quicker to reach there but uh it definitely kind of has so many punches and so many messages for for the people so many great uh ideas and pointers and things to think about for you so i think that that’s why it kind of makes the the second half seriousness a bit worth it uh i really wish that they had added like a satirical song maybe for the second half.


Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Movie Direction & Music 


I really have no criticism i think pakistani cinema needs nabeel qureshi it deserves nabil qureshi and i think that he deserves to tell so many more stories and that’s another thing which i also keep talking about is that if you’re good at something you need to keep doing it and you definitely should not let a lot of the challenges that do come with trying to achieve excellence stop you so hats off to the entire team of Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad about this is the film you want to see in the cinemas please don’t try and pirate it please don’t try to see it and wait for it to come to the smaller screen which it eventually will but don’t wait for that it’s being screened across uae it’s been screened in pakistan is being screened in usa and uk and australia as well and the cast and the crew and their production houses have been sharing it where the screen so take a you know moment out and go and watch this film this is a film you need to see in the cinema enjoy it in the cinema and take home with you take home all the lessons with you i think and i definitely got a lot to think about uh fahad mustafa is a bonafide star he is leading the industry you know without any whatsapps and butts and definitely so happy to see uh pakistani cinema kind of just finding its footing again so go watch Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad don’t forget to like comment share subscribe take care of yourself have a great day bye.


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Box Office Collection


EXCLUSIVE.. Despite Heavy Rain In KHI  QuaidEAzamZindabad Has Shown Excellent Growth Of 40+% On Day Two In Pakistan.


KHI Was Doing Best For The Film And Rain Dented It Yet Film Saw Big Growth!




Fri+Sat (previews).. 20lacs

Sun.. 1.2cr

Mon.. 1.7cr

Total.. 3.1cr


 Movie Trailer



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