Sang e Mah Episode 12 & 13 Review:Unbelievable Games

Sang e Mah Episode 12 & 13 Story Review:Unbelievable Games

Sang e Mah Episode 12 & 13 Story Review:Unbelievable Games
Sang e Mah Episode 12 & 13 Story Review:Unbelievable Games

Ohkay so, the sang E mah keeps pulling & gripping, just like how it starts. Even though the story will be jammed; Their character & perspectives have come to the front line. It’s interesting to watch what each of them feels. The thing that distinguishes the E mAh is that even though it is complicated, this character has been written & translated on the screen with so much clarity & proficiency that you think is quite easy.

Games Start

Jirga members are still in improvements about what to do by considering the Marjan Hajj is an integral & definite part of it. However, they also found themselves torn apart between what to do because this was the first time their credibility was questioned by all Las Pesan. Their conversation always makes interesting parts of the episode because they show how they are faced with such problems they have never witnessed before.

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Hilmand was stabbed & once again, it had ripped off everyone. Some feel guilty, while some are suspected. In this entire scenario, no one knows who is responsible but somehow the blame game has begun. Hilmand’s perspective was obscured by his hating against Marjan which made him think he was behind this attack. Marjan and Zarsanga think that wisdom has done this. It is unfortunate that wisdom moments decide to do something for himself, he is responsible. It only shows that the transition in wisdom is clearly not well received by Marjan & Zarsanga, which is why they did not believe in Him & believe that he was able to do something this grave. Then Zarghona came, who also felt he played a role in what happened to Hilmand, once again assuming it was only because GuleMeen that wisdom decided to kill his own brother.


Badam Gul always has a soft angle for Singh’s mastice. He has spent years serving Zarghona together with Mastaan. Therefore for him to find out who is behind the attack is a very important development. Badam Gul will definitely do what is needed to protect the mastice because of all people will understand the motives of mastices and emotions to do what he does!


Singh’s mastice has spent years & years serving Zarghona, but more than him, he felt strong for Gulemena because, in these difficult times, he was the only relief he would feel when he was being tested. Gulmrena also treated mastices and affection, therefore Mastaan ​​could not see it humiliated like that. Some of it also feels like he is eager to prove his loyalty to Zarghona & also compensate for the losses caused. So far Zarghona has at least a part of this sorted so that all this happens because of Gulmeena but a little that she knows is not exactly what she thinks.

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Shehrzaad continued to find himself entangled in the matters of the Marjan family. However, it is clear that even though the article becomes a priority, the focus point now is Hilmand because of the strong feeling he has for him. Shehrzaad has become quite involved in this & more because both Marjan & Zarsanga have given him the confidence to do so. He hasn’t learned about the side of Hilmand’s story & then it will be interesting to see what the reaction is. So far, he really believes everything Zarsanga tells him but finds the other side of the story and it will confuse him.


I have to say, even though there are many supporting characters in the E mAh, they all get credit to fill the scene with a strong show & screen presence. Whether it’s the beginning of Khan or Hilmand’s friends, Ms. Sabz Ali, a member of Jirga, or even the waiter in the place of wisdom who gave him his mind – they all might have a small role to play in the whole story but their presence was felt & their emotions were also delivered hard & clear. This highlights the Profound Writing of the Sang E mAh.

Phenomenally Directed

The Episode of the E mAh is purely based on personal struggles, doubts, questions & complexity of all character stories. Some take the front seats while some are in the background, however, they are all worried about one & only Hilmand, which must reign their lives for now. Very interesting how each of them has one or another to do with it. I enjoyed seeing Shehrzaad around Hilmand, it was like in this hard scenario, he brought calmly & the relief lost from Hilmand’s life. He hasn’t learned about how he feels but he will also be moved by him & I can’t wait to see it. All actors deserve full points for brilliant & strong depictions of all these complex characters. The E mAh has been written & directed phenomenally well. The e mah team must have a bow because it brings a drama like this to our TV screen. I can’t wait to see what else they have for us. Please share your thoughts about the Episode of the


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