Sarfaraz Ahmed Biography Added Class 4th Syllabus

Sarfaraz Ahmed Biography Added Class 4th Syllabus

Former Sarfaraz Ahmed test captain received great honor, the biography was included in the class 4 textbook.


In this case, the wife of Sarfraz Ahmed Khush Bakht Sarfraz shared photos of the subject pages containing the biography of the champions trophy winner 2017 and the captain of the Pakistan cricket team in the fourth grade Urdu book on the Twitter social media website.

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He said that there was nothing more satisfying than that my children would study their father’s achievements with their classmates and teachers.

Biography of Batsman wicket keeper Sarfraz Ahmed has been included in the fourth standard Urdu book.


Elementary school students will read about Sarfaraz, who led Pakistan to victory in the Champions Trophy in 2017.

The cricket’s wife was proud to announce the news by sharing a photo of a fourth grade Urdu book on her Twitter handle.


“Enthusiastic! Just think of when my children will read about their father with friends and teachers! Can not be more proud! Alhamdulillah,” he wrote.


Sarfaraz is one of the most successful captains in the history of Pakistani cricket. He has won two ICC trophies. The 2006 U19 Cricket World Cup and Champions Trophy.


Together with Sarfaraz, the famous Biography of Pakistani women’s fast runners, Naseem Hameed, has also become part of the curriculum.

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In response, the former captain said that it was a great honor for him.

“Thank you! This is a big honor for me. As a role model we are trying to inspire children. I will always be there to play my role in this effort.



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