How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan With Zero Experience

How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan With Zero Experience

How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan With Zero Experience
How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan With Zero Experience

Freelancing in Pakistan?

freelancing in pakistan

What is freelancing?
Doing online jobs and being self-employed and working for a specific period is known as freelancing. Everything nowadays is done online whether it’s food or shopping. Just think if you start freelancing in Pakistan so you can get clients from all over the world. You can give services in many different categories.
Pakistan has very limited opportunities in jobs but not in online jobs. The salaries in Pakistan are less but if you are doing a job online, I mean freelancing so you can earn as much money as theirs.
People of Pakistan are less interested in freelancing but with time they might realize the importance of freelancing. Don’t wait for tomorrow and just start freelancing in Pakistan today.
Many people in Pakistan are well-known freelancers. Freelancing could be done easily and Pakistan also out can start it easily.
It is one of the best ways to earn active income and with that money you can make an e-commerce store. People are moving towards technology and the online world and almost everything is done online so you should also start giving your services online.

Freelancing Grow in Pakistan

Due to t COVID, 19 people lost their jobs and were in their houses. Most people don’t have any source of other income. This is why I tell you to have different passive income spruces. One thing most people had was the internet. People came to know about freelancing and also e-commerce. The government also put their efforts to increase the trend  freelancing in Pakistan.
The government also put efforts to give boom t freelancing in Pakistan. When everyone lost their jobs and Pakistan’s economy was decreasing day by day so the government took some steps to give a boom t freelancing. Government facilitates the people by introducing Digi skills and e roar.
Many efforts were put privately by Hisham Sarwar, VBC, GFX Mentor, and enablers.
Digi skills:

erozgaar digiskills

Digi skills were introduced by the government of Pakistan where many freelance courses are free of cost. It is ozone of the best efforts f government of Pakistan which brought a bm in freelancing in Pakistan. Pakistan is now the 4 largest growing freelance work which has very skilled freelancers like Hisham Sarwar and GFX Mentor. Their aim is to Verme unemployed and aware people and detaches them about digital skills like freelancing. They are well and it also played a good role to bring money to Pakistan. In Pakistan, its ranking is 316 and the total visits are 500.7K.

It’s also a good effort of the government f Pakistan in the world of freelancing. It was built in Punjab to overcome unemployment. There is a criterion to join them. There are lots of curses and you can also learn about self-employment.
Hisham Sarwar:

hisham sarwar
Hisham Sarwar is a man of action. IF he Wanted SO HE CULD JUST MAKE AND SELL courses online but he did not do this. His love for PAKISTAN can be justified by his wefts in his blogs and on YouTube. He made a playlist about many different digital subjects like freelancing, digital marketing, graphic designing, blogging, and much more. HE doesn’t charge universities and at the moment he is running cohort 5. In addition, he also talks about business, YouTube, and how to grow your social media platforms. On Linked In he talks about freelancing and business and n Twitter he talks about politics. He is the c founder of Archest which is Pakistan’s best freelance marketplace.

Vide boot camp which was introduced by Sunny Ali. He teaches about Amazon and in VBC you can get about 150 different courses whether it’s Amazon or something else related to business. It’s free of cost. You just have to add some details of your and you are ready to learn.
Their work is also similar to that f VBC. You can get different types of courses and the main focus of them is Amazon. Their courses are free and you can also learn from their YouTube channel. IN Pakistan its rank is 820 and gets about 295.7K.
GFX Mentor:
He is a mentor of freelancing. He talks about Adobe’s different software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and all the other adobe software. His name is Imran Ali. He also teaches free of cost. IF you want to learn graphic designing or any there thing related t Adobe software you can learn from GFX Mentor.

What are the benefits of freelancing?

There are lots of benefits of freelancing.
Income of freelancers is very high. If freelancing is a pro in his category, he can earn money and charge money according to his wish.
If you become good and know on any platform so you have to work less and earn more.
Freelancing helps allot t of ern money for anything like your business.
It’s one of the best ways to earn active ionic online.
Freelancing is easy to start. Don’t think you are in Pakistan s you don’t have any -opportunities. Being a guru is teaching you freelancing. Many other YouTubers are teaching freelancing.
IF you are starting freelancing so you can earn money according to the hard work you do. The more Yu will doo yardwork the more you would earn.
No need to go anywhere.
Can be easily done while sitting in your home. We can give time to your family and just set a time for your work and flow that schedule.
Yu is your boss. You can set your working hours, make decisions and go on travel according to your will.
You have the option to do many freelance jobs.
Suppose if you are bigger so you be a content writer, do SEO, manage WordPress sites, Design WordPress sites, etc. If you are a graphic designer so buy can design T-shirts, make legs, design business cards, business letters much more.
Payments are very easy to receive and it’s also saved.
If one of your gigs ranks so your whole profile ranks and therefore you would get more orders.


There are many ways to do freelancing. You have different categories and do whatever you like and whatever you are interested in. Go and start freelancing today. You can do the flowing tasks on freelance platforms:
Virtual assistant:
You can become a VA and earn money nine freelancing in Pakistan while sitting in your home. You can become a Business VA or become a VA for any stack you like. You can also manage the websites of people. Virtual assistant if he works part-time with a person for a month so he can even earn 1000 dollars in his beginning period.
Content writer:
you can also become a content writer and earn money freelancing in Pakistan. IF you are a bigger s, it is an easy task to do. You can just write an article and submit it to your client. The content writers might not earn very much money n just working n the ozone platform. SO, you should also start blogging and make curses. In addition, this skill; is also in demand as people are producing content for their YouTube channels, business, and bags. If you are a good content writer so you can earn very much.
Logo maker:
You can design logs for people and companies. It could be easily learned online in Pakistan n YouTube. It is one of the best things to do online on any of the freelance platforms to earn a good amount of money. Log making is the top skill on different freelance platforms. Logs are used everywhere s they are much in need.
Graphic designing: You can become a graphic designer and design graphics. You can design T-shirts, Business cards, business letters, and much more.
Voice over artist:
You can become a voice-over artist and do voice veer for videos and it’s also a good category t flow on any of the freelance platforms.
Web designing:
You can design or make websites for people. Nowadays having a website is very important to have a source of income which is online. You can sell products or write blogs and earn money nine by your website. This is why this skill is really in demand.

How to create a successful profile?

Find your niche:
Just sit down and think about what are you interested in. If you got your answer to this question s believes me you won’t be demotivated. Your mind won’t get stressed ads you know that what are you donning is according to your interest. If a person doesn’t do freelancing according to his interest so later, he will discontinue it. This is why I am telling you to start that freelance job in which you are interested.
Learn and Learn:
You won’t be a perfect freelancer or you might be a beginner so first of all you should learn and learn. There are many courses online and one of the best ones is by Hisham Sarwar. The government also put its efforts to grow freelance in Pakistan. I MENTIONED ABOVE ABOUT a gift MENTOR WHO IS THE TEACHER OF ALL ADOBE SOFTWARE AND YOU CAN learn anything you want.
Set up your account:
Go to any of the freelance platforms and set up your account. Here is a pr tip that you can start and set up your account on the worksheet where you will get orders early. It is Pakistan’s best freelance platform. The description of your profile should be professional. The profile picture is the most important thing. People judge the book by its cover.
Upload gigs:
Now, when you set up your account s you are ready to upload gigs and wait for the order. The description of the gigs should be engaging. As a beginner, you can give e them a sample so they come again also to you.
Start bidding:
When you upload gigs so you should start bidding. People ask for services and you would go to them and talk about your services. As a beginner don’t charge them all and give them good deals in addition also give them a reason why should they choose you and come to you again.
After doing all of these you should do marketing of your blogs and upload it to your social media platforms. Then once you get riders through marketing organic orders will start to come to you.

There is good news for freelancers. Freelancers are NOW ALLOWED TO PEN A FREELANCE ACCOUNT IN Pakistan. This facility was not before. The freelancing was struggling all because of this.

How to get direct clients:

you are reading my blog at the moment. You might have seen some links to products in my blogs. This is known as affiliate marketing. I did it because of my big. Same as this you can also get direct clients to your gig by opening a website.
Share some content about what are you doing.
D SEO of yu9our content and at the moment I have started Cohort 5 which is a playlist for content writers. Yu is most welcome.
After doing SEO when you get visitors to talk to them and email them. By email, you can tell them about every new update of yours. Whether it’s a new gig r any good deal.
It’s on you whether you do paid marketing of your blogs or not. If the SEO is done the right way sop you rank on google and people will come to your service.
Share your service and content on different social media platforms. Pro-tip is that Linked In is best for business people and if you are selling physical products so Pinterest is also Good for you.

Best Freelance websites

Work chest:
Work chest is Pakistan’s top freelance platform where you can post gigs and start bidding. Daily about 10 gigs are posted n Richest. Work chest has overcome some of the problems of Fiverr. It is only available for Pakistanis to upland gigs and the clients are from all veer the world. Work chest clients are increasing day by day. It’s ranking in the world is 639,522 and in Pakistan, its ranking is 4,095. The total visits are about 30.6K.
It is an Israeli company that was built in 2010. It is one of the top freelance websites where hundreds of people past their projects daily. I want to tell you that if you want to start n fiver s on every order, they will take their commission which is 20%. It is the number 1 freelance platform that has 24/7 live chat support. Fever ranking throughout the world is 567 which is much better than all f them. IN the united states its ranking is 662. The total visits are 60.6 million.
It is also ozone oof the best freelance platform where you can post your project and get orders. It is not that much known like fever and Upwork but it is a safe and secure platform. The global rank of is 52,515 and in the united states, it has ranked 41,913. The total visits are 1.1 million.
It is an American company and has shown great stats in the world of freelancing. Upwork is the competitor of fever. It allows its users to intersect with each there and projects are posted daily n so the freelancers start bidding. The upwork global ranking is 914. In the united states, its ranking is 987. The total visits f Upwork are 43.3 million which is a huge number.

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In this blog, I told you some ways by which you can earn money online freelancing in Pakistan. Freelancing is the future. You can become a millionaire doing freelancing. When you are known on any freelance platform s hair is anyone who can work for you. The more you do hardware in freelancing the more ewido earn. Go and start freelancing today. Earn money now and later start an e-commerce store make YouTube videos about freelancing and side by side you can also write blogs. You can learn freelancing very easily and if you give attention so you can become a moderate level freelancer in just 1 to 2 months. I hope this blog helped you a lot to learn how to earn money freelancing in Pakistan. I know sitting on the computer all day is not an easy task there are mental health issues but believe me, freelancing has much more benefits than its drawbacks. Whereas the issue of mental health is concerned so you can exercise and do some walk and sit in the nature. I hope you liked this big.

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