How To Viral Youtube Shorts Videos on 2022

How To Viral Shorts Videos on YouTube 2022

Viral shorts videos on YouTube
YouTube Viral shorts videos

You need to look what makes shorts work and to produce it like a short video first not a youtube video see that video it got 1.3 million views and the reason i know about it is because i made it with my girlfriend i mean this is my living room look even with a basket too and the reason it picked up that many views is because it followed the rules of making short videos that work on tik tok and youtube shorts video viral Kaise Kare then clearly work on instagram reels and could now be the way to look at how youtube shorts could work too good remember right now this is all a big old test so youtube shorts are still really really new and will probably change a ton but short portrait video is not i’ve been studying it all year i’ve made some courses on it i’ve worked with influencers who mastered it and suddenly it’s on the best video platform in the world youtube


Create Shorts Videos To Go Viral

Viral shorts

Now i’m actually really interested in sharing it with you guys because i believe what worked on tiktok and reels is gonna move over here and the information in this video is gonna teach you how to get similar results so hopefully that instagram video i just showed you first if you don’t know why shorts are a massive opportunity you need to watch this video now or at the end now let’s just get cracking youtube shorts it’s really complicated to use at the moment i’m gonna do my best to simplify it and show you what to focus on when making them to get results like that real so to start i believe you should not i repeat should not treat these like you usually would treat a youtube video how to viral shorts youtube videos or as a channel update or a quick message to your fan it’s not the type of content that goes viral i mean you can do this of course. 


YouTube Shorts are not Stories

YouTube shorts viral kaise kry

Youtube shorts are not stories they’re a new format that appears in two places on youtube at once where you want them to appear if you want a potentially massive amount of views is this thing called the short shelf can you see that that’s the show itself it doesn’t really stick out much not at the moment anyway but it is a totally different viewing experience to your regular videos also it’s only available on mobile now when you make a short it can appear in two places number one on your channel here and as i just showed you here on the short shelf this is the promised land this is where you want your short video now when viewed here on your channel this isn’t really a short it’s just a regular video and the initial views you will get were gonna work like your regular videos they’re probably gonna come from your subscribers look you can see it has a play bar and the comments below and yeah it’s just portrait video on youtube and it looks really ugly on a desktop now you may or may not know that short videos are blowing up and getting serious traction for a lot of channels at the moment.


People Are Loving Shorts Videos

Make Viral

That’s not happening because people are watching the videos here on your channel as regular videos it might be in some cases but for the majority definitely not so the reason this is almost like two videos is that when you upload these videos that are 60 seconds or less and shot in portrait and you add hashtag shorts to the title and description it then tells youtube it’s a short so what that means is it can stand a chance appearing here on the short self the promised land note stands a chance it’s not a guarantee and actually you can make a short and nothing happen for days a week or maybe even ever but then wham on the shelf doing the victory dance and again they can also stop getting views just as fast as they get them and then they can stop getting them and then start getting them and it’s an absolute roller coaster when you’re on the short shelf i tell them so in order to get here it all seems quite random right now to do well you need to look what makes shorts work and to produce it like a short video first not a youtube video so what does that mean well we have to look at tik tok but also instagram because instagram have just made reels the main button on their app which means they either have seen it pick up a lot of traction or they’re fighting to make it work and by taking the tiktok rules and using them on instagram we got this video 1.3 million views now although thnstagram account videos usually get around 7000 views and actually do awful compared to just images so the best thing.


Tiktok or Shorts Videos Which are Best 

Tiktok vs youtube shortsTiktok vs youtube shorts

We can do right now is to have an educated guess what works on tick tock is going to work here so what works on tick tock the usual likes shares comments but most importantly how long people watch your video for so we know that retention rate and watch time are important on youtube as well as click-through rates on shorts when they do make the short shelf viewing experience aka the promised land they probably do not have a click-through rate because they start playing straight away as you scroll so there’s one metric you really gotta focus on and that is your retention rate percentage and this was our focus for the 1.3 million v real the thing about shorts is and tick tocks 100 retention rate isn’t actually the best a 200 400 500 retention rate is the thing to aim for look at this graph you see that that’s from a short i made that went on the short shelf you can see the intro has more than 100 retention which means people rewatched it why because the intro was pretty out there so people go back and they watch that intro again so when making your shorts your focus has to be 90 on how to make the opening two seconds work so it really pulls someone’s attention in visually it’s probably also not the best idea to use it to promote new releases on your youtube channel because you’re not trying to drive people from shorts to your regular content this needs to be thought of as standalone so here’s a quick buyer checklist to help you make these videos that hold people’s attention and it contains some facts from tick tock that you might want to consider too because let’s face it probably work on shorts too so test test test and don’t expect just because you made it sure it will do well still needs to be good so here’s some things you need to check out firstly go look at what gets suggested on instagram reels and tick tock and note down the styles that you think you can emulate then go find a tiktok account in your niche see which of their videos has got the most views and make your own versions don’t flat out copy them but if you don’t know what to make just make your version of what works on other platforms that use short portrait videos it’s a starting point based on an educational guess which is better than nothing then put all of your effort into the intro as we just spoke about needs to stop people scrolling and then use storytelling yes it’s a grown-up word but you need to find ways to use it to create tension suspense intrigue laughter educate and joy i can’t tell you the exact ways to do that in one single video but think to yourself does this short just made tick any of these boxes if it does then it’s on the right path now you might have seen the guy on tick tock who blew up simply asking people what their jobs were in their very expensive cars all he did was tickle the intrigue sense in our brain to make it really flippin interesting it’s that simple you see a supercar.

Final Verdict

I believe you have a chance to carve out a following with your shorts it’s all still up in the air but one thing that isn’t is how to make short videos that get traction so go and start testing these on your own channel but beware i’ve mentioned this video that made 1.3 million views multiple times it had one big issue and it’s the reason we never made another one it’s a yoga account we’re not interested in getting millions of views and followers we’re interested in getting yoga fans to follow the account the issue with the reeling question is it got liftoff went out to a super wide audience and that’s no good when you want to keep your audience super focused so yeah it’s a nice thing to have done but we thought about it and the strategy just seemed pointless to try and emulate this could be the same with shorts so although adding creative edits and making funky videos is great it could widen your audience too much now if you want to learn more about tick tock check out the course i produced below with a tick tock influencer learn about the for you page how to make videos get traction and then watch the interviews with her and you’ll have your eyes opened as to how this will probably all pan out and make sure you watch this video to learn why youtube is unlikely to drop this and this one to learn about how to edit and shoot these on a phone and a camera. 

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