WhatsApp Beta Tests Features A New Contact Selection increase the option when selecting numbers

WhatsApp Beta Test features a new contact selection, increase the option when selecting numbers

Many updates have been made WhatsApp has privacy oriented, and the latest updates that the messaging platform has been tested beta is no different. One of the inclusion predicts in the upcoming version of the platform is currently being tested now, according to the WBI, is a new feature that allows you to choose all your contacts except some of you will choose based on who you don’t want to receive the message you are sending.

Previously, you can choose which contact you want to send the message to and you can also choose to send messages to all your contacts. With all it has been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that we often have people in our contact list that we don’t really want to send messages frequently, and remove these people while still choosing all the other contacts impossible. Therefore, this update will be a speech for users who send broadcast messages and want to quickly select all their contacts for some.

Whatsupp New Update

Whatsupp new update

The second update relates to the telephone number you might receive during our chat. In the current version of WhatsApp, tapping this number allows you to do two things, namely calling the number or adding it to your contact list. Based on beta testing that we have seen, WhatsApp might immediately add the third option to the menu that will open when you select a number in your chat window, with this new option it allows you to send a number.

Messaging numbers sent Someone you can be very annoying due to the fact that this is the potential to end up forcing you to first save a number in your contact. This update will make it easier to send messages to people that you don’t want to stay in touch, which can also make it easier to choose all contacts too, so that these two features are useful for increasing the privacy of communication.

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