Why Imran Khan Won by Elections in Punjab


PTI by Election Win

Why Imran Khan Won by Elections in Punjab

Why Imran Khan Won by Elections in Punjab,A senior asked why they are voting for Imran Khan? The answer came that he is brave, he does not bow down. Then asked a girl who did you vote for? Said to Imran Khan. Then raised the question why? Making a sign of victory, she said, “We are no slave.”


This was a pattern, this was the situation at every polling station on polling day. Knicker-clad youths flocked to the polling stations and voted for their favorite candidates. Nowhere, nowhere was there a scene of rioting. Incidents of electoral irregularities were reported. PTI leaders who came with armed guards were arrested, those suspected of causing trouble were not allowed to enter Punjab. In the by-election in Punjab, the whole campaign was full. The election was peaceful. The losers were also seen congratulating the winner and clapping when the results came out.

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PTI has won in a landslide in the entire province. Defiant members or “loots” have been badly defeated in every constituency. PTI managed to save 15 seats. An independent candidate took the field. PML-N won 4 seats from PTI but Hamza Shehbaz’s “pig” of Chief Ministership has been tarnished, he is no longer the Chief Minister. According to Asad Umar, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi of QL will take over the post of Chief Minister on July 22. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has the support of Imran Khan.

PTI has become the largest party in the Punjab Assembly after the by-elections. PTI reached 178 after 15 new seats. After winning 4 seats, PML-N reached 167 seats. Q-League 10, People’s Party 7, number of independent members 6, one member of Pakistan Rah Haq Party is also part of the assembly, government alliance 179, opposition alliance 188. In the House of Punjab Assembly consisting of 371, 2 members of PML-N have resigned.


Why did PTI candidates win?


 Despite being the government, why did the PML-N candidates lose? It has some basic factors.


The most important role in PTI’s success is Imran Khan’s narrative. And true or false, Imran Khan succeeded in injecting this narrative into the minds of the masses. The youth is not ready to listen to anyone except Imran Khan. The players obey what the captain says. Another major reason for PTI’s success is transparency in the election process. The role of the Election Commission and institutions in making this election transparent is more than that of the PTI team itself, which guarded its votes and saved the election process from any mess. The third reason is PTI’s successful and vigorous election campaign. The fourth major reason is to field our workers instead of settling on an electorate. One of the special features of the PTI candidates was that there were young and fresh faces, some old people were also seen here and there. While PTI has saved its seats in this election, Imran Khan’s popularity has also increased. In this election, PTI has won more votes than before. According to the Election Commission, the voting turnout was 49.69 percent. PTI came first with 46.80% votes, PML-N got 39.50% votes.

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Why did the PML candidates lose?


The main reason for the defeat of the PML-N candidates was the giving of tickets to the defecting members of the PTI. It was unthinkable for the PML-N to give tickets to people who were hated by the voters. With this decision of the party leadership, many candidates fought independently and got good votes. The loss of the votes of the independent candidates was to the PML-N. If the PML-N had got the votes of these independent candidates, the situation would have been different. Another major reason is the harsh decisions of the government. Shahbaz government took the same decisions due to which people were angry with Imran government. Inflation has broken the back of the people. In such a situation, the common voter was very angry with the PML-N. The third reason is that 20 out of 20 seats did not belong to the PML-N. In the 2018 general elections, these seats were won by PTI or independent candidates.


Who won and who lost, one thing is certain that the games of the past cannot be played anymore. Governments cannot be formed by using splinters or crutches. Now the time has passed to get power by putting uniformed people on four trucks. Now is the era of social media, nothing is hidden from anyone. Now there is a strong response to the “secret” actions. Now whoever shows bravery, stands, resists, he will be successful. People of Pakistan like brave people, stand with brave people. Nawaz Sharif moved to London after being ousted from the government, losing popularity among the people. Shahbaz Sharif reconciled and watered down their resistance narrative.


Imran Khan stood up after being kicked out of the government, brought his voters, supporters to reconciliation and resistance and succeeded. Even those who make and bring down governments must now support the decisions of the people. This is the survival of Pakistan.



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