Youtube SEO: How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast 2022

Youtube SEO How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast 2022
Youtube SEO How to Rank Youtube Videos Fast 2022

What is YouTube SEO?

Youtube SEO It is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists and channel to rank high in YouTube organic search results for a given query.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word which we search in the YouTube Search Bar for certain purposes. For example, I want to gain information about blogging, so I search “blogging” in the YouTube Search bar. Here blogging the keyword.There are two types of keyword:

Long Tail Keyword(Having Low Competition)

A long tail keyword consists of 3 or more words. For example, “How to earn money online” is a long tail keyword.

Short Tail Keyword(Having High Competition)

A short tail keyword consists of 1 to 2 words. For example, “Earn Money” is a short tail keyword.

So here you must know what the user searches in the search bar. It can be only done by keyword research which we discuss in upcoming pages.

Keyword Research in Youtube SEO

There are many websites for the keyword research:

Google Ads Keyword Planner

YouTube itself

Let’s start with keyword research because keyword research is everything. I use Google Ads keyword planner and YouTube for it. For example, I want to make a video on a topic “best camera for YouTube” So I firstly open keyword planner and click on “discover new keywords” and then type “best camera for YouTube” here select my targeted location “Pakistan” and press “get results”. You can add the location which you want.

Then the results are shown on the screen. Select “Google and search partners” as a search network. Then the keyword planner gives you the results in the form of many keywords. You should write the keywords having high average monthly searches in the notepad.

You should also use “” and “” in the same way as keyword planner. You can also take keyword ideas from the videos of your competitors on YouTube.


YouTube SEO

There are two types of YouTube SEO:

Channel SEO

Video SEO

Channel SEO

If you are a beginner on YouTube, then you should choose a channel name in which the main topic of your content is written. For example, I want to teach Math on YouTube, I choose my channel name “How to Math” or “Math Factory” or “Math Mentor” or “Your Math Teacher”, etc.

Open “YouTube Studio” and go to “Customization”. Then go to “Branding” and upload an attractive profile and cover photo here. Upload the subscribe button photo in “Video Watermark”.

Now go to “Basic info” and write the description and include all such keywords and topics in the description on which you want to make videos in future. For example, for my Math channel I write description as follow

“Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I am your math teacher. I am teaching you “Class 9th math”, “Class 10th math”, “Class 11th math” and “Class 12th math”. I also provide information about Competitive Exams like “CSS”, “PPSC” and “NTS”, etc. I regularly upload “Class 9th math”, “Class 10th math”, “Class 11th math” and “Class 12th math” lectures and guess papers and much more about competitive exams like “CSS”, “PPSC” and “NTS”. I also provide the most popular questions of such competitive exams”. Here I included the keywords Class 9th math, Class 10th math, Class 11th math, Class 12th math, Guess Papers, Competitive exams, PPSC, CSS and NTS. They are the keywords I used in description. You should also use the keywords according to your topic as they help you much to grow. Don’t make grammatical mistakes in your description. To solve grammar mistakes, you should use the “Grammarly” chrome extension.

Customize your channel URL by selecting “Custom URL”.

Give your social media links to YouTube. Also give your YouTube Channel link to other Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now Publish by clicking on the “Publish” button.

Now go to “Settings” and go to “Channel” and write your keywords on which you want to make videos in future. For example, I want to teach math. I write the keywords as follows.

class 9th math, class 10th math, class 11th math, class 12th math, guess papers, guess, PPSC, NTS, CSS

I write these keywords in the keyword section, you should write the keyword according to your topic. Don’t do spamming. Only use the keywords which are related to your topic.

Video SEO

There are 5 parts of video SEO:

Title SEO

Description SEO

Tags SEO

Thumbnail SEO

Video internal SEO

Title SEO

As we have already learned how to do keyword research. So include the most searched keywords in your title (Get the keywords from Keyword Planner).

You can copy the title of your competitor’s video or get the title idea from it. If you are a beginner, you should try to use long tail keywords.

For example, I am a beginner and I want to upload the video on topic class 10th math chapter 1 exercise 1.1. So I write the title as follow

“Class 10th Math Exercise 1.1 | Class 10th Math | Class 10th Math ex 1.1 Q 1” 60-70 words title is best title for SEO.

Try to use the name of your channel in the title. If you are not popular, then don’t use the name of the channel in the title.

Copying the title of your competitor’s popular video is also a super best option, but cut the name of the competitor’s from the title.

Description SEO

Copy your title and paste it at the start of the description.

Use all the keywords related to the topic of your video in the first 200-300 words of the description.

Don’t use all the keywords together, but spread them in the whole description.

Give link related videos and playlists in description.

Also give your social media links in description.

a 200-300 word description is best for SEO.

Don’t make grammatical mistakes in description. (Use Grammarly).

Also use Hashtags in descriptions related to your video topic (3 to 4). Use hash tags of words which you have used in the title.


Tags SEO


Go to “” and write your video’s main topic. Many tags appear there. Copy all these tags and paste them in tags sections. Also use the name of your channel in tags.

Use the “Vidiq” Chrome extension and copy the tags of your competitor’s video and paste them in the tags section. 400-500 word tags are best for SEO.

Use maximum 10-15 tags and each tag must contain 3-4 words.

Video Internal SEO

Write the title, description and tags in the notepad before uploading the video.

Use this title, description and tags in the details of your video file. Rename your video file the same as the title of your video.

Open your video file “properties” and then “detail” and then paste the description and tags, which you have copied from the notepad in their place. Rate the video 5 stars and leave a comment in which the main keyword of your video is included.


Thumbnail Youtube SEO

Make an attractive thumbnail and the text on your thumbnail is same as your title.

Follow the same steps with a thumbnail file as mentioned in Video Internal SEO.

Use for designing beautiful thumbnails.


Extra Tips and Tricks

Use YouTube cards and end screens to increase views. If you don’t know about YouTube cards and end screens, you can take information about them from YouTube.

Make a playlist and optimize it by title, description and tags. The method has been explained in the above pages.

Tell the people in the video to subscribe to your channel.

Grow your channel by Google ads.

Copy the title and tags of your competitor’s video.

Write ?sub_confirmation=1 with your channel URL and then share it to social media platforms and other sources…

You should make chapters of your video.

Make the video as long as required otherwise your video’s “average view duration” and “CTR” will decrease and your video cannot be ranked.

Request big YouTubers to discuss your channel in their video and give a link to your channel in description of their video.

The time when you upload the video, you should try to get comments and likes artificially and then reply to these comments. It will increase comments and YouTube will realize that people are more engaging in this video. So there are great chances for your video to rank.

Always reply to the comments. Also pin a single comment.

Gain more subscribers with YouTube Shorts


Best Topics for YouTube shorts

1.Funny Videos

2.Informative Videos

3.Gaming Videos

4.Trending Topics



Your title + #Shorts #YouTubeshorts #trending


Paste your title in the first line. Then write the best description as we learned in above pages and then add #Youtube Shorts #shorts #trending


Shorts, Youtube Shorts, trending, #shorts, #Youtube Shorts, #trending


Your thumbnail must be attractive so that more people click on your video.

Your short video must be 15-20 seconds long.

Upload at least 5 videos daily and upload consistently.

How to drive traffic from Social Media?

Make a strong profile on social media to share your video links.

Don’t share the link directly in your social media post, but upload the thumbnail picture and write the caption that “video link in 1st Comment” or upload a small part of video and say that “full video link in 1st comment”.

If you share the link directly on your Facebook, etc., Facebook will minimize its reach because Facebook and YouTube are opposite video sharing platforms.

Share your content in different Whatsapp groups to gain maximum views and subscribers.

Some Misconceptions about YouTube SEO

People thought that they could do the SEO of their video and their video would be popular overnight. This concept is wrong. SEO takes about 3-4 weeks and its results are long lasting.

People also thought that every video they optimize will rank. This concept is also wrong. There are also some factors other than SEO that YouTube considers like “CTR”, “Average View Duration”, etc.


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