YouTube Shorts Monetized Lower Monetization Rules

YouTube Shorts Monetize 2022

YouTube Shorts Monetized Lower Monetization Rules
YouTube Shorts Monetized Lower Monetization Rules

Huge youtube news today number one youtube shorts is officially going to be monetized so everybody’s talking about how to make money with shorts it’s about to happen and number two youtube is lowering the monetization threshold i don’t know the exact number now currently it’s 4000 hours of watch time and 1 000 subscribers but that is about to change and be lowered to get more people into the partner program this is all according to an audio leak coming out of youtube that the new york times posted this is huge.

 youtube shorts will become part of the YouTube Partner Program, which means creators who meet certain metrics will be able to earn a share of the ad revenue generated by their videos.

YouTube Shorts Monetize Policy 2022

YouTube will compete with TikTok and hopes to offer better monetization options than the Chinese app to attract top content creators.


However, youtube shorts¬† aren’t getting the share that traditional long-form YouTube creators get. Shorts creators will get 45 percent of the revenue instead of the usual 55 percent. That’s because the extra money will go toward licensing music that can be used on short-form videos. The company believes this represents a better deal than creators can get elsewhere.

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The new monetization method for creators will include existing monetization features such as creator funds, shopping and tips. But this new route represents a serious upgrade over previous offerings.

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